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Got Engaged Yesterday :)

While I can’t seem to get the 1st pic I snapped off of my cel phone (it’s on facebook if anyone wants to see the Bling!), I’d still like to share my happy news with the online friends (and everyone else -lol) who I’ve made on this site over the years.

Yesterday afternoon, I proposed to my girlfriend of just under 3 years at a Farm & Apple Orchard in upstate New York. Amidst the beautiful scenery, I dropped to one knee, and pulled out the cherry walnut wooden box I had been clutching in my pocket all morning. Truly a wonderful, and memorable scene.

Now I guess we’ve got a hell of a lot of planning ahead of us (2 contest preps while looking for a new place to live and planning a wedding?!)


Ah Ha!





Congratulations mate

She is a belter as we say over in these shores

Big congrats Stu!


Looks like you did it in great style too :slight_smile:

Btw, I found about this yesterday due to having HawaiiTunya on facebook (she commented on the photo and it showed up in my news feed). I had a conversation with her in the livespill about how I am absolutely NOT stalking you :stuck_out_tongue:

You should have done a most muscular after she said yes

I plan on ddting my gf when I ask her.

“With the right woman there no stoppin’ me, I can go right to the top”.

Tony Montana

Congrats Stu and future Mrs.Stu

Congrats, big guy! I was going to ask about it at dinner before Cat arrived, but was afraid of her sneaking up and hearing. Good thing, as she actually did sneak up on you when she first arrived haha. I told Heather and she wanted to congratulate you two!

You snuck one past the goalie, didn’t you?

LOL, j/k, congrats.

Grats Stu!

Congrats! Very happy for you guys.

Congrats and best wishes!

Stu!!! Congrats to you both!!




congrats bro. finding a woman you truly love is an amazing thing, having her share your loves and passions, well that’s just gravy on top. wish you the best.

Did you feel your testosterone drop? Nah, I kid, congrats!

Congrats, sir.