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Got Chickenpox 7 Weeks In. Stop Cycle?

I’m on my 7th week of test e trt and was diagnosed with chicken pox last night !

So what should I do should I just straight into pct and end off the cycle early or should I continue my trt and train lightly at home ?

Quick reply’s would be appreciated thanks

Bigdudie 20

Are you running a cycle or TrT. They are two totally different things. Trt is Test Replacement Therapy. TrT is for life. No PCT required for TrT.

If ur running a cycle, why would you need to come off ? Are you pretty much quarantined?

It’s chicken pox, not Ebola. You’ll be better in a week. Probably less than that since you generally don’t get diagnosed until you’re a few days into it already. Don’t try to lift. Don’t try to do much. Just rest. After that you can get back into the gym and pick up where you left off. Coming off cycle and going straight into pct, while your body is already in a weakened state, is a world class bad idea.


If you’re on doctor prescribed TRT then you never come off.

Isn’t chicken pox contagous as all get out? Please don’t go to your gym.