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Got Call of Duty 4

Got it for PS3 friend request me hunnel, you will get pwned! ha

…everyone has 360

Hunnel would you shut up…you suck

anyone playing it for PS3? we should get a T man match going

who the fuck wants a PS3 for anything other than the blue ray? It’s all about the 360…see me in COD4 I’ll whoop that ass…Halo 3 to, bitches… MeatSniper61xXx

MD Geist86

On XBOX Live, I’m pretty sure I’d smash all of you.

I’m almost king in that shit. I get that survivalist and start hunting. If you try to snipe me I’ll sneak up from behind and if you are looking at my screen I’ll use that to my advantage! I think the survivalist is the best gun though because the snipers are good for long range but sucks ass for close quarter combat.

The survivalist can shoot through wall AND shoot far and accurate. Ah hell yall done got me started. Me and my friends play 4 players every week when his brother is off. I’m really considering getting an XBOX for the simple fact every fucking person I ask doesn’t have a PS3. What’s the fun if you’re the only one with it.

all about tf2 on the 360. Just don’t get the obsession with a mediocre title like halo 3.

It seems that internet boasting does not only apply to max lifts or sex life…

I’m Van-Dammag3 on PS3. Feel free to add me.

Split screen is horrible. Cause I will screen watch you to death and you’ll do the same to me. Now if we play online, then I will find and smash all. ALL!!! M16(W1200 if I want to wreck you up close), Silenced USP, 3 Stun grendads, UAV Jammer, and Extreme Conditioning.

Halo 3 > cod4

[quote]bmitch wrote:
Halo 3 > cod4[/quote]

I used to say the same thing till I played COD4. Its better. I’ve burned out on Halo…Halo 3 is simply Halo 2.5. I’ll smash you in Halo 3 as well, buddy.

My word as a troll.

I’ll own y’all at…oh wait…my broken ass Xbox is in for repairs.

Frail POS.

Screw CoD, Crysis rules.

[quote]Schwarzfahrer wrote:
Screw CoD, Crysis rules.[/quote]

True, Crysis>halo3>cod4

COD 4 is probably one of the best online games ive every played but in reality nothing beats
GEARS OF WAR which is probably the best game all around

What do you have to buy in order to get online gameplay?

What I like about PS3, yes the blu ray on my 40 lcd 1080i is quite nice, yes browsing the web is sweet to. But I love the wireless internet as it picks up the signals in my area (FREEE BIOTCH) my online account is free, I pay nothing for my in home cable, booyahh, HOW MUCH YOU PAYING For your broadband on x box plus your 50 a year (thats an extra Metabolic Drive and Carbolin 19 for me).

PS3 add me misconception77

just remember:


Xbox live: 25 for 3 months, 50 for a year.

Xbox 360

Xbox 360 game.

That’s about it. Hopefully you have a tv.

muscle man 1202, get at me on the 360, you boys aint winning