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Got Bloodwork. What Are Your Thoughts?

Was the tests medichecks by any chance?

I’m 35 16% bf 177cm tall. My hormones came back as

Hormone results
Oesrtradiol 174pmol
Test 12.5 nmol

I’m think of getting some proviron free up some test hopefully balance out the T to E balance. Any advice anyone?

No it was county pathology. Will be using medichecks in the future.

Gonna go see the Leger clinic in Doncaster if GP isn’t helpful- they seem to get good reviews and he seems thorough and well priced.

You are working on transitioning without medical assistance with those numbers. They are not within range, based specifically on the ranges that you gave with them. You need to see a specialist, something bad is going on.

Feeling MEGA anxious today- is this likely my hormone profile?

Seeing the GP at 5pm, any advice on what I should be saying would be appreciated. My experiences with GPs has been less than positive over the last 4 years as I’ve had various health issues- they’ve made me feel like they think I’m a hypercondriact!

What did they say. When I took my results to gp gave me some more bloods to do in a month and come back… Got to wait another week or so to retest

I couldn’t get out of work in time and had to cancel. Will be going Monday

What are the units? I’ve never seen this range before.

g/L for albumin

Saw my GP this morning. Pretty dismissive of my private tests. Although he’s redoing them.

When he did them a few weeks before my prolactin was only 105. He didn’t do shbg and has agreed to do that- whether he will look at free test I don’t know.

He also said the NHS estradiol range goes up to 196 so I’m still in range on their chart for that.

Think this is gonna have to end up with me seeking private help- nhs not clued up on this stuff I don’t think. It’s like they don’t acknowledge free test as important.

If you look at my low free test along with the high estradiol and gyno I’m getting it’s pretty obvious something’s out!

Almost as if socialized medicine is a steaming pile of dog shit that puts patients last and doesn’t prioritize any kind of quality or innovation…

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If I don’t get anywhere with these I’m gonna have a look at a well known clinic in Doncaster. I really want someone to prescribe something that frees up my T rather than commiting to a full TRT programme that will be a lifeline commitment. Are there even any drugs that can do that?

Many drugs lower SHBG. But they also suppress testosterone. You could maybe get away with lower dose proviron for brief stints here and there, as it is not as suppressive as some of the other options out there. But you’re still going to be fighting a losing battle.

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Thought that was the case. So playing devils advocate- if there’s no underlying condition that can be found and I just have high shbg- what’s the best way I can be treated? If I just start putting existential testosterone into my system won’t it just get bound up by my body in shbg?

@iron_yuppie gave you the best solution.

You are not in the US, so Proviron should be available. It is less suppressive than Danazol, which would also do what you want.

You try for a month; then you run labs. If T has dropped - you have your answer and nothing but TRT will work. If T has NOT dropped and SHBG HAS dropped, then you also have your answer.

You can also supplement with quality boron in addition, which may lower your SHBG more.

Proviron 12.5mg am and pm. I am not a doctor.

Did another medichecks bloods today see what that come back hopefully my first high estro was fluke should know Friday. Doing an NHS one next week too then a follow up with gp.

If still high don’t refer me an specialist or give me something going to try proviron for 6w.

Did you go for the male hormone panel?

Sports Hormone check its called

Same. Bloods been redone on NHS. Been referred for the gyno despite the fact that my GP thinks it’s on my head (you can feel loads of lumps- clearly isn’t!)… so that’s a bonus!

Are you gonna get proviron on NHS? Not asking for sources- just if you are using NHS or an alternative provider

Repeats done from NHS

Estridiol 114 range ref up to 191
Prolactin 176 ref 45-375
Shbg 51 ref 14.6-94.6

All kind of in the middle.
I’m not convinced the ones through the private trt firm weren’t tampered with- changed post lab before sending to me… although with the moobs probably not.

So why are they all over the place?
Should they fluctuate that much naturally?

Alternative source!