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Got Bloodwork Done After Changing Protocol

Thank you for all the information I’ve got on my old post. I didn’t get any response there after updating, so I decided to start new.

I have changed my protocol as recommended and got new bloodwork done after 8 weeks.
After changing the protocol I felt a bit strange for a few weeks, but now everything is fine.

How about my E2 level – is it too high? Would it be a good idea to change my protocol to
80mg e3d?

Actual protocol:
100mg Test Cypionate e4d

SHBG (21.6-113.1) 42.2 nmol/l (was 55.3)
Total Testosterone (86.5-788) >1500 ng/dl (was 1700)
Free Testosterone (4.7-13.6) 36.9 ng/dl (calculated) = 2.46% (was 33.7 / 1.99%)
Estradiol E2 (no range) 62 pg/ml (was 29 with AI)

You would know if your E2 was high, erections and libido would be affected. You say everything is fine so I would consider this protocol a success.

IMO your E2 is off the charts. Is you dick still getting hard? Are you holding a lot of water?
Your TT and FT is over range what does your HCT look like?
Again IMO your protocol is not even close to being tuned it. 100mg every 4th day is too much. ESP if you have chosen to not take an AI.

Right after changing my protocol my libido was way too much. I was thinking about having sex every day. Erection isn’t a problem. I’m taking 5mg Cialis daily.

I don’t think I’m holding a lot of water. I can see my veins on my arms.

When, relative to your last injection, was this blood pulled?

E2 would be expected to be elevated when testosterone is elevated. Many on TRT live with higher E2, even over 100, without side effects mentioned. For example, 200mg once a week has me around 880-920 total, 200-220 free and E2 at 50-55, no AI.

Given your testosterone level, your E2 is relatively low. With the LC/MS/MS method (looks as though yours was), my E2 is in the 70s. With almost double the serum test I have, your E2 is lower than mine. You really should feel fine.

Regardless, I think you could reduce your dose and still feel good. If this blood was drawn at trough you are running at supraphysiologic levels.

Blood was pulled the morning before my next shot (day 4).

Yeah you could almost certainly lower your dose then. You’re at like 25mg/day average now basically, I think I’d go down to maybe 20mg/day or 140 a week split up however you prefer and see how that goes

It would be interesting to see where your levels are at day 1, 2 and 3 then. Generally, on a seven day schedule, you can figure on being slightly double your trough levels at day 1-2.

Thanks everyone for the input. I will give it a try and lower my dose and will change my protocol to 70mg e3d.

Why is 100mg e4d too much?

It’s not for some. OP seems to respond to test well. I had lower levels than him on a higher weekly dosage with daily injection and his are at a 4 day trough. It can be very individual on where a dose gets you depending on how your body responds.