Got Bloods Back, Need Expert Eyes

Hey all, I’m 42, on trt for 4 years, nebido every 12 weeks, Ed returned about a year ago
Saw my endocrinologist 2 weeks ago and he took bloods,
They were taken less than 24hours after an injection but here are the results, they don’t mean much to me, so hopefully someone can explain…

No Estradiol test? Vital. Usually the first hormone looked at when libido or ED occur. Look in the stickes for list of labs that should be drawn with TRT. Thyroid, DHT and others…

I was expecting that to be included too but he wrote out the instructions for the nurse…

Are you on HCG? If not, and your only on TRT, then your doctor isn’t too knowledgeable. There is no need to test for LH or FSH once on TRT because these numbers will be almost zero.

Are you having any other high e2 symptoms? Oily skin, acne, mood swings, lack of morning wood, emotional?

TRT isn’t the problem, it’s your doctor that isn’t working. You need to keep everything in one thread. You don’t even have E2 testing in your country which is a huge disadvantage for diagnosing your situation. I just confirmed my E2 is elevated and have noticed the last couple of weeks my erections are difficult to maintain, have a look at these symptoms and ask yourself if you suffer from any.

No hcg,just trt, yes to oily skin, and acne, mostly face, yes to moody and morning wood but they aren’t very strong
Hcg can’t be prescribed to men here according to my endo…

Systemlord… I think you may be right there, I can go see my general practitioner and get them done again and request E2 is done, not sure they’ll give me the results to take with me though… he’s an asshole

You have high E2, when I had super high E2 I had very oily skin (mostly face), moody and bitchy. Whenever a man becomes moody and bitchy it’s almost always high E2, that’s a female characteristic. When you say just TRT, what you’re on isn’t modern TRT, TRT consist of test, HCG and AI’s to control estrogen. Your dosage is too high, the problem with Nebido is if you’re having E2 problems you must lower your dose except if you lower it too much to satisfy your E2 you’re sacrificing your test levels.

You need a new doctor and it isn’t going to be easy to find one.

I’ll get them done again so along with E2 and see what he has to say about hcg and Ai, I’ll pop back on when I get them and maybe I’ll have to see about getting hcg and ai somewhere else… you have no idea how much I need a new doctor

Appointment made for Friday afternoon, thanks everyone for your help

Please do not create new threads. You and everyone else will loose the bigger picture. There will be a waste of time and less effort dedicated to your case. Pick the proper thread and put your labs there.

When a doctor says that something is not available, that may be the reality of the state run health care system, but you may be able to get some things out-of-pocked.

Yes I agree, sorry about that, I’ll keep everything in the one place from now on, hcg might be available here and I’m waiting for confirmation on that, Clomid etc in only available to women…I’ve looked online for what I might need but it’s hard to know who’s legit or not,