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Got Blood Work Done After Cycle


Hey guys I ran test E at 450-600mg/w
Unfortunately I didn’t come off for just under a year.
Two weeks after my last pin I got my blood work taken. My test levels were still normal at 750 but my FSH and LH are both <0.2MIu/ML . I’m assuming this means I am basically completely shut down. I’m 25 years old and do not want to become impotent.
I am not ready to come off yet for a variety of reasons so
Can I run a cruise cycle at 200mg/w of cypionate and add 1000iu hcg ew for 8-10 weeks to bridge the gap between my next cycle.

And is there anything else I need to add to that?
I am mainly concerned with sexual function as I am finding it harder to achieve full erections without he use of cialis.


Well for sexual reasons, you could read the stickies on HpTA restart by @KSman


Yes your HPTA is now shut down, As far as coming off goes, the longer you are on now the worse youre making it for yourself to recover. As far as impotence goes if you arent trying to have a kid then theres no need to focus on that this second. My advice though, taper down to 200mg a week of test and hit some HCG the last 3 weeks your on and get off when you finish the HCG by throwing a SERM in and use that (clomid or nolvadex) at a pct dose until you get your natural levels back. Unless youre 50 staying on is not the best idea.


So i’m 14 days since my last pin. I started running HCG the last couple weeks of cycle and into the two week period after my last pin at 1000 iu EOD. There was an undecanoate ester in the test so i believe the half life is 16 days so I’m planning on starting PCT in 2 days. im going to run nolvadex at 40 mg for 45 days. Clomid gave me horrible headaches and my vision was all screwed up I cant take that stuff.
I actually had an endocrinologist appointment yesterday and spilled the truth to him and he recommended the same thing actually. He told me it would be easier to do a 6 week taper and cut the doses in half every 2 weeks. He wouldnt prescribe me anything. I asked him about HCG, clomid, nolvadex etc… and what he told me was that by taking any of that stuff you are basically bypassing the restoration of the pituitary gland and delaying the inevitable by prolonging the recovery process. What are your thoughts on this.

Also what can I expect to feel throughout this process. I honestly could care less if i loose my gains I made a big mistake ever messing with AAS to begin with and just want to be back to my normal health and train natty. What was your experience (if any) with coming off long cycles?