Got Blood in Needle, Am I Gonna Die?

I got blood during my t injection,I aspirated and got a bubble at the top and then injected there was a little oil stuck at the top of syringe so I kept pushing on it and wiggling needle ended up getting a little blood in the needle? Am I gonna die?
Feel fine!


Are you dead yet?

Unless you inject into an artery you’re fine. You’d know it’s an artery because the pressure would be unmistakable. I’ve done it a few times (not with T) and I’m still alive so even then you probably won’t die. Turns out we are pretty hard to kill.

You’ll be fine. I have been curious about aspirating since starting TRT. I inject in Deltoids twice per week. I never aspirate. There is a lot of literature stating that aspirating is not being practiced much anymore for IM injections. My wife is in nurse training, I asked her what she was taught. No aspirating.

After all the horror stories I have heard from people that have injected into a vein by accident I will take the 2 seconds to aspirate. I agree I have friends that have been on test for over 10 years and have never hit a vein but then I have friends that hit a vein while being on test for only a couple weeks. Lol it’s like getting struck by lightning I guess you just never know.

I also wouldn’t go by what nurses tell you. To be honest I’ve talked to TRT doctors that don’t even know why pinning daily is beneficial and still practice pinning once a month or every other week. It’s unfortunate but honestly doctors don’t really always know everything.

Also a big thing to note is with many medications if you get some in the vein it’s not a big deal but with test it’s a different story especially because it is oil based. I have heard it’s not the test itself that causes the issues but the oil its mixed in.

Also for the OP I have had blood in the needle many times it just means you nicked an artery no big deal. As stated before if you got some in the vein you would know it from what I have heard. I’ve been fortunate enough to have not experienced that yet but from what people have told me its unmistakable and you will know immediately.

If you inject into a vein, I’m not going to lie, it will hurt like hell, but not kill you.

You’re not injecting big air bubbles into a vein, you’re injecting testosterone, the part that hurts in the alcohol additives.

ER Nurse here, thats super weird because we still do it in practice and I havent heard any students mention that when we have them assist us with it.

Although in practice it is incredibly rare to aspirate blood during an IM shot, especially if you follow the landmarks you are supposed to. Ive been doing them 10 years and havent gotten blood once (although as others have noted, some users will get some on their first week… law of large numbers and all that)