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Got Banned From the Gym Today...


Right so here are the cliff notes.

I joined this gym in january since I'm over at uni here. So anyway I've been trainin there for a while and the owner is a bit of a prick to say the least. He has come up and told me to put my shoes on when I'm squatting and deadlifting I just told him to go jump.

He more recently came up to me when I was chalking up and said and I quote

"So you're the one!"


"Your the one whos been using chalk!"

"I know whats the matter with that?"

"Well you've been dirtying my plates and I' have to clean them... Some customers have been complaining..."

"How the hell do you expect me to grip the bar then?"

"How about you use straps.."

Walks away, as you can probably tell by now this guy is a grade A douche bag. So sunday past I'm training my PC and I'm deadlifting, I'm not contoling the weight on the way down cause well I'm freaking deadlifting.

An I can see the cunt giving me evils from the back of the gym. So I finish up my routine and head home.

I came in today and mid way through my training session the manager comes up and informs me

"I'm sorry but your not allowed to train here anymore, I was left a note by the owner with a reinbusment for your remaining contract that I was not to let you train and get you to cancel..."

"what the fuck?"

"Sory he says it was your routine and your not allowed to train in here.."

Holy shit this chap is squatting! Fuck whats that a deadlifT!!!!:!:!:!! holy crap was that a clean right your out!

I mean holy crap has anyone heard anything as lame as this? Discuss...


I think acting as ass to the owner earned your banning. Take a lesson here.


If the owner wants you to wear shoes, and not to use chalk, then you wear shoes and don't use chalk.

If I had a gym, I would have kicked you out too if you weren't obeying the rules after being warned.


Some gyms are more concerned about their insurance premiums, minimising costs of equipment maintenance and maximising ongoing mempership payments from people that only turn up once a week than the athletic performance of their members.

My gym has signs saying that shoes are to be worn at all times and weights are not to be dropped. So I wear shoes and dont drop weights to often.

Suck it up and play nice at the gym (within reason) or find a gym that will let you do the things that you want to do.

I agree that it is a bit harsh, but you have to deal with it now.


It sounds to me like you're going to have to shoulder a lot of the blame for getting banned. Judging from what you wrote in your opening statement, it seems that he has asked you on more than one occassion to put your shoes on and you've basically blown him off. You have to use some common sense; this is a litigious society that we live in and if someone in that gym isn't wearing shoes and a plate smashes his/her foot, that business owner could possibly be held liable.

Honestly, anything that happened after that is a moot point in my opinion because because you already laid the groundwork and I'm sure that he was looking for any reason he could find to give you the boot. Chalk (no pun intended) it up to a lesson learned and use common sense in the future.


Sorry, but not wearing shoes while training is a big liability for a gym. You're in the wrong here. You don't like the rules then go somewhere else, but good luck.

As far as the chalk, my gym is the same way, but as long as the person cleans up their own mess then it's no big deal.


You joined a private gym, were warned by the management to abide by their rules, you ignored and got kicked out...what's the problem? I would have thrown you out also.


You're the dick here. Put on your shoes and clean up the chalk after you use it.


Like everyone else said. If it was my gym, and you told me to jump, I'd ban you too.

Dropping deadlifts is not cool. If you can lift it, you can lower it under control and get more benefit out the exercise to boot.

Dropping it is just being a 'look at me!' dick. And leaving your chalk? And taking off your shoes?

I don't see how this is a surprise to you.


you were in the wrong. suck it up and move on.


Whoa negativity readings are off the charts here batman!


Do more grip work so you don't need to drop the deadlifts.

As for the owner, it's his gym, his rules...


Thats pretty weak that he didn't have the balls to ban you himself and sent in his help. Find some place better. Guess you'll have to though.


On another note I was told about the shoes once I wore them for squatting form there on in

I was told about the chalk once I stopped using it

And the deadlift thing well, Its not as if I let go of the weight and it dropped I just did'nt set it down gentel like...

its not as if I'm not going to join another gym next week or something I just thought it was a bit chckenshitty banning me outright and getting his manager to do it

His gym, personally I think he's a prick but what are you goona do about subjective opinion?


the owner is a prick for owning a gym and not understanding how to train properly and you should have had more respect and maybe said sorry.


Since when did rules of a gym (whether you agree with them or not) become a subjective matter?


My opinion of him is a very subjective manner


I hate it when the bars are covered in chalk. If you are wearing black it's really annoying and disrespectful to get covered in it.


Like everyone said its his gym, his rules and evidently I don't agree with them unfortuantly it was to the detriment of my tenure at his gym.

At least i have an excuss to look for a powerlifting gym in the area.


Why is everyone on this website a goody goody.....ugh you didnt listen. f that....slash his tires, smash in his windows, and kill his dog and stuff it in his mailbox....who cares if you were wrong? releasing your frustrations will make you happier and isnt life about being happy....plus stress makes you have stomach fat or whatever and always remember 2 wrongs make a right