Got Asked "Excuse Me Sir, Do You Lift Weights?"

I got asked this question at a restaurant this weekend by a guy about 5 years older than me (I’m 54). It ended up being a short primer on TRT and how he should proceed to see if he needed it. He already knew his Total T was around 200. I told him about Defy Medicine and this forum.

I love talking about this stuff and helping other guys out.

Does this happen to you guys often? Frankly, this was one of my first “consults” :joy:


That’s awesome man! I’m looking forward to the day strangers think I lift. Right now it’s more like “excuse me sir, could you recommend a desert?”


Did you go with Mohave or Sahara?


There’s a reason I work with my hands. I’m also disappointed that Siri didn’t catch that.

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Never had a stranger walk up to me and ask that, but friends and family who have known me long enough to watch my transformation have all asked questions. That’s got to be an awesome validation for you to have that happen with a complete stranger!

The guy who just did my concrete asked if I was a bodybuilder lol. I look like I workout but I am not in near enough good of shape to be considered a bodybuilder.

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In the day, all the time.

Stranger: How much can you bench?
Me: I do not do bench presses.
Stranger: What? What do you do?
Me: I do the Olympic lifts, the snatch and the clean & Jerk.
Stanger: Huh?
Me: They’re overhead lifts, the lifts competed in the Olympic Games. One overhead in one motion and the other to the shoulders, then overhead.
Stranger: I have a cousin that does that.
Me: Really? What’s his name? (I knew everyone who was anyone over several states.)
Stanger: Gives me a name.
Me: I don’t think I know him.
Stranger: He’s very strong, presses 535. (at the time the press had been removed from the Olympics and the record for the superheavyweights was 521 done by Vassily Alexyeev)
Me: Really? What does he weigh?
Stranger: About 185 pounds. (Alexyeev was about 325 when he did 521, the record for the 181 pound class would have been 374.)
Me: Where does he train? What gym?
Stanger: He doesn’t belong to a gym, he works out in his basement.
Me: Nice talking to you.

I met dozens of guys who either reported lifts that would be world records, or they knew someone making lifts that would have been.


Coworker: You’re getting big. Better put down the fork.
Me: I have to eat more to build muscle.
C: What are you doing that for?

I then proceed to hear Simon & Garfunkel’s “Sound of Silence” in my head as the conversation meanders on.


On his last question I would answer:

“Preventing me to become a pussy like you…”


Not my quote, but a favorite:

“Strong people are harder to kill than weak people, and generally more useful.”


I don’t get this one as much anymore, but I used to get this when I was lifting and training for MMA competition. I worked on a lake that summer with a bunch of other college age folks, most of whom were good looking women because the manager (about 60 yrs old) was a perv.
My day consisted of this:

  1. Wake up and eat - pack a huge cooler with plenty of food and about 4 liters of water
  2. Work on the lake all day pitchforking vegetation for about 8 hours - be sure to consume all food packed (about 4000 calories worth)
  3. Eat, Go to the gym, lift, condition, MMA practice for about 3 hours.
  4. Eat/Sleep/ Repeat

The women would ask how I could eat so much and still lose weight - Well when your 260lbs and doing something physical for 11-12 hours a day - eating a lot of food is necessary
“But how are you losing weigh eating that much” (I lost 35 lbs of fat that summer and gained quite a bit of muscle)
“I don’t drink and I train…a lot”
“Nobody can eat that much and not gain weight”
“Michael Phelps eat 12,000 calories a day”
…Blank Stares…

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Normally it’s more an implied: ‘I know you lift’…ie, whoa! Your a big lad, do you play rugby! <<< I get some version of that pretty much every time I go out on the town for a drink.

Yeah, now I do, a lot. But in my country it is less frequent. I usually answer that it just grows by itself

When I was much younger with better defined muscles, I did find myself in the awkward situation of some gang members asking me some politely serious questions to make sure I wasn’t from another gang scoping out their territory. I told them I just lifted weights to impress the ladies and they apparently believed me; it was even reasonably true. It probably helped that I wear glasses and don’t have any tattoos.

Man, I have been getting a lot of questions about how to satisfy women lately. Now I know why, I must look like I got it going on in the bedroom

Too bad, they don’t know my secret is that I can cook a hell of a chocolate souffle.


In the white collar jobs I’ve had if you do anything more than type and eat garbage, your the odd one.

People always make dumb remarks when there’s pizza and donuts around “oh you can’t eat that I forgot.” I can eat more than you lazy assholes.

I get asked to haul file boxes and refill the water cooler pretty often. It is 35lbs of water lifted 4ft after all.

Had the British owner of a mine supply company with no filter come in for a meeting. Met him at the door.

“Hi I’m looking for BasementGainz, the Controller.”
“That’s me, nice to meet you.”
“Bull shit, you’re no accountant. You don’t look like one at all.”
“What’s an accountant look like?”
“Not like that. You’re just a warehouseman they threw a nice shirt on and brushed his hair to fuck with me and keep me from getting my money.”


You don’t think we can all tell you’re a warehouseman wearing a nice shirt? We can.


That is known as “meathead discrimination”.


Lift more to eat more. I have no regrets!


Whenever the weather gets hot, I have to seriously weigh the benefits of wearing a tank top and feeling cooler vs the inevitable stupid comment I will receive from some rando about the size of my arms.