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Got an Eleiko Bar - OK for Deads?


I got her for 200 bucks, I think that is pretty good for an eleiko bar, even if it is used. Only thing I am trying to figure out now is the specs, each sleeve has eleiko 0807 on it, which I cannot find any where online, each end has a red sticker that says eleiko powerlifting bar, 20 kg, and there is an ipf approved sticker on the handle, and I believe it is 28-29mm thick, and it has thin lips on the sleeves.

Here is what it looks like except it has red stickers on the end and not blue, http://eleikousa.com/eleiko_products_bars.html.

I am wondering if I can deadlift with it without bending it or compromising the spinability of the sleeves since I will be using it for cleans also. What do you guys think??

note to mod - "i got her" is not a typo.... someone changed it to "here"....


yes. that is the elieko powerlifting competition bar.


the only thing i see damaging the bar is dropping it in the rack if you need to dump a heavy squat.

you can load that bar with as much as you can handle. bench, deads, cleans, rack pulls; its gonna be fine.