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Got Accused of Using Steroids


dont even need to squat half that to get accused of steroids. i dont, and i get accused regularly, all it requires is a little jealousy and a little more ignorance


if squatting 500lbs is such a huge deal, what about benching 500+ lbs. raw, no shirt.


a 500lbs squat is a bog boy lift, no doubt. Anyone not giving someone repsect for that lift is a jackass. It is a big deal for the most part. Is it earth shattering? No. But it is a great fucking milestone to hit.

I have much respect for anyone taking that much to depth that is over 6'. That is a long way to travel with 5 bills on your back.



I would love to see an actual statistic as to what percentage of people who lift are legitimately squatting this kind of weight below parallel, especially for guys over 6'.


Well, from what I've seen, just about everyone with no pics available can do it.


Didn't say I can do it. I'm not there yet.


I've never seen a 6.1" guy at 205LB's do a 400LB parallel squat.

Dead lift maybe as often tall guys are built to dead lift, like I am but I have a bad back :frowning:


What I don't understand is why so many people give a shit?


In person I've never seen anyone squat 500 lbs, or even 405 for that matter.


Man, you guys are gettin' all mad up in here. I'll bet it's the roid rage.


at 285 I hit 475 for a double. I' fairly confident I could hit a 500 on a good day.


I used to train in Iron Island Gym in Alameda a while back.

Lee Moran used to train there in his twilight years.

dude was built like a barrel, with short arms.

Watching him bench was incredible, I can't remember what that bar was loaded to, but his total ROM couldn't've been more than 6"!

and his squats were something to watch, the whole gym would stop and watch.

I think he was opening up his squats in the 900lbs range.


285!=205 (yeah, programming format)

It's a lot more believable at 285 than 205, though It's not altogether unbelieveable at 205 (just a lot less common than most people act like).


Yeah, I know. I also haven't been training that long (about 9 months since I really got back into it), so I could see some people after a couple years of progress hitting it.


Lol, that is quite an observation (and true from what I can tell).


Anytime I see someone go out of their way to say they squat "ATG" I instantly assume a 3-4" ROM.

(Outside of the obvi dudes who crush fucking weights, obvi)


I know at least 5 guys who legitimately squat 500.


I don't even think Hungry4more who is 5'7 at ~200 and an elite level PLer squats much over 500 raw, I don't believe that someone making an OMG I GOT ACCUSED OF ROIDZ TODAY! who is 6'1 205 is squatting anywhere near that.

Does OP Incline 495x15 reps too?!?! SORRY! Done trollin.




Funny,someone suggest I DO steroids.