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Got Accused of Using Steroids


I am really happy, cause this means my training is going well!!!


What kind of cycle did you do?


We all get accused of taking steroids all the time.

Sometimes I accuse myself of taking them and hold press conferences ro deny it.


I've seen your photos. I think they were making fun of you.

fyi - no pics on profile - are you trolling?


good, now starve yourself so that you won't have to suffer from this kind of cruel comments again.


He does a Krebcycle


no, and i dont have anything great physically to brag about, at 6'1'' and 205 pounds is nothing too great. It just baffles me that people think that a 500 deadlift and squat means steroids...


It doesn't? So I can deadlift and squat 500 wihtout Roidzzz? Fuck YEAH!!!


definetely NOT atg squat. Past parallel, low bar squat, belt and wraps.


Tits or GTFO....




I'll be in my bunk...


He said TITS...

cuban- A 500 squat is a high number, but not totally unreal. At 6' 210ish, I maxed out at 495 to parallel (no accessories) at the end of the Smolov intro cycle (whatever the first four weeks is called). Granted that was fall of 09, and I'm currently not squatting till my shoulder is good (unrelated injury). My point is this, those kind of numbers are not outside the realm of possibility for a consistently training lifter, with good form.


I've been accused of taking steroids too, but it was while I was throttling my grandmother.


Free internet for the Firefly reference


If they aren't unrealistic, then why are you demanding video of it? You said you would give him props if he could PROVE that he could squat ATG with 500lbs. The overt implication is that you think this is unrealistic without proof to the contrary. You beep really loudly when you back up.


I did that to me once, I followed myself into the locker room and made sure I never made that mistake again.


I'll come right out and say it, I don't believe he can do it. Everyone acts like squatting 500 pounds is so pedestrian, I've maybe seen that happen 3 times in the gym. Jay Cutler never squats more then 405 (for reps, but still).

Then the defense is always "those numbers aren't even good, why are you questioning me?" Take all of this into account with the guys height and weight and I'm calling bullshit.

That being said, I don't care if he posts a video or not, I've come to take e-lifts with a grain of salt.


500 raw squat is something that not too many ppl can do even after training for a while.
kind of like a 405 bench or a 600 dl - not mega-strong compared to an elite lifter but also something you don't see ppl do even at reasonably serious gyms very often.
do I care if OP can squat 500? nope. lol.


Why you gotta bring me into this?? ;p