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Got a Redelivery Notice


Just recently ordered from an online pharm and got a post card type letter in the mail saying they are "sorry they missed me". They said i can go pickup the letter or they will redeliver the next businesss day. Only reason I am hesitant to go pick it up is because it was out of Pattaya, Thailand. It isnt the same source that was caught but i am still hesitant. any suggestions?

p.s. I asked for express mail if that makes any difference



Don’t go pick it up. Wait for it tomorrow, if they ask you to sign for it, don’t.

If they don’t ask you to sign it, take it inside, write “RETURN TO SENDER” on the package, and let it sit for a few days.

That seems to be the common procedure for dealing with a controlled drop.


How large $ was the order?


That’s not unusual at all. Cetain mailed items from overseas require a signature for receipt from the post office. The website you dealt with should/may specify that, though. Can you send an email to customer service to see if it’s normal?


Order was small… $130



Also I suspect they are asking for my signature probably because i asked for express mail. Anyhow if i dont sign for it will they let me take the delivery still? I doubt they would…



And another thing to add… everything i purchase was in paper form… so even if they suspected something… all they would see were a couple pieces of cardboard.



possible the sender was flagged.
also possible is you asked for express mailing and its standard for express mail to come with insurance so you have to sign

if they asked for a signature once they will not allow you to take it without signing.

its common for people to sign for a package and not know what it is,granted these are dumb people that accept things without knowing from whom or where its from but I would rather play stupid at times than to accept the alternative.

think about it though it was a small order why would someone waste there time over such a small order?
if you dont accept it then it will go back and you loose 130 dollars,the calles yours
I think your fine though
email the co. also and ask them like what was mentioned above.


Standard registered mail does require a signature on delivery.

Where you ordered from will likely have specified their delivery method and whether or not a signature is required.


Is it possible to have someone else there sign for it, somebody “just visiting” that wouldn’t know it’s not yours? Just in case.


FUCK! this is the kinda of shit that makes me so hesitant about mail ordering. My two centavos: Do you know your regular mail person? If it’s a Deputy Cocksuck looking motherfucker, ie stereotypical cop, instead of your regular guy/gal don’t sign for it. Look confused and send it back. Although the order was small, its better safe than sorry.


I’ve had to sign for my package/registered mail.

Play stupid, if it comes down to it tell them you ordered muscle enhancing supplements from the internet…not steroids!


same shit happened to me. went to the post office and picked that shit up. i think they send it registered mail regardless of what you put down. its not a steroid sting haha not over 130. wait ast home to sign for it or go pick it up. everything is cool


I’ve signed for my pct stuff but it was my mail man! Were practically bros. So I wasn’t worried, but you can never be safe enough.


The only reason I am being cautious is because its out of Pattaya Thailand…

I talked to my source and everything is cool. he said anything with a tracking number must be signed for on delivery.



Just got delivererd…

May sound a bit paranoid but the letter looks definitely opened and green tape was put over it that says ORDER PROTECTION.

The oral dbol has a corner of 4 squares cut off it… You honestly think they would try testing paper?




The shit was suppost to be creatine and what the fuck are these seringes doing in there!



There are no syringes… Whole order was paper.



[quote]BMC85 wrote:

The oral dbol has a corner of 4 squares cut off it…

My finger points at the mailman,looks like someone`s bulking up for the summer.


[quote]balljack8 wrote:
BMC85 wrote:

The oral dbol has a corner of 4 squares cut off it…

My finger points at the mailman,looks like someone`s bulking up for the summer.

Thats one thing I guess you dont see all that often is a jacked mailman. Monstrous calves on some of them though.