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Got a Recipe?

Let’s hear your best recipe that you cooked up on your own, not a T-Recipe, obviously we all can access those. Personally, I’m proud of my tabasco sauce tuna sandwhich.

1 can of tuna
2 slices of multi-grain bread
1 slice of low-/non-fat cheese (or regular pepperjack for a cheat day or if you just don’t care about the calories)
a shitload of tabasco sauce. I’m serious, you should almost turn all of the tuna red with it.
1 large tomato slice

microwave for 1 minute. it’s a good source of protein without a lot of calories, and it tastes damn good. and yes, I read the article on how real tuna is a lot better than canned tuna, but what’s in the fridge is in the fridge. anyone else?

My Salmon
7oz. Salmon
Fry Salmon in coconut oil on a iron pan, season with limon zest-black pepper-salt, charred on both sides, add 2 oz. heavy cream mix with mustard.
Eat warm…

Real simple.

Chicken tenderloins
Roll and cover with wheat germ
(or milled flax but wheat germ tastes better imo)

Check out my thread in the t-cell titled “Alpha Cookbook” there is a few posted in there…