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Got a Little Gyno


I have been on 500mgs of test e for about six weeks, this is my first cycle and I am really happy with the effects on my strength. However I have developed a little gyno in my left pec. I'm pretty sure no one can tell its there but I can feel it when I touch my pec and I think its getting bigger.

I started using Armidex about 3 or 4 weeks into the cycle but it doesnt seem to be doing any good. The armidex is rectangular and specaled blue I got it from the same place I got the gear, I've been taking one every other day. anybody got any suggestions on how i should proceed?




Not enough information.

Where did you purchase the arimidex? Who made it? How much have you been taking?

Some guys, like me, have a terribly hard time keeping estrogen under control. I have no idea why, but even a little bit of any aromatizing steroid and I almost immediately have all sorts of issues that come from over-high E2. I have to take AI in MUCH higher doses than what is usually recommended here for anyone ever.

This is not advice, as I really do not know your situation and it is probably not good advice for almost anyone. But, for myself, when I have issues such as yours, and I often do, I usually take an overly large dosage of AI for a few days and this takes care of all of my problems within about 2 days. Then I cut back to a more "normal" dosage of AI until things start to get ahead of me once again.


If you have been taking one adex EOD, I'm assuming thats a 1mg EOD, then with 500mg test its defo not real.

Go back to dealer and demand a refund, alternative etc like Tamoxifen or even clomid just get prevent further gyno.


How much of the clomid should i take buddaboy? I was saving it for pct.
I have no idea who made it. I got the armidex from a UGL along with the gear. I have been taking one every other day at 1mg. It has the letters P scored on one side and C on the other something about them made me think they were probably no good. I'm pretty sure the clomid is real because they came in pharmaceutical bottles. I was really hoping to finish the cycle but I'm not going to if I'm risking bitch tits




get some letro and follow the letro protocol outlined in the stickies


Ok, I already read that stickie and I plan to follow it but i dont have a good source for letro I get my stuff online and its kind of a crap shoot. So if I am able to find a good source of letro and I start the protocal can I run a low dose of test so it doesnt destroy my sex drive? I think I'll do one more test injection just to make it an even six weeks and then try and order the letro, I'll have plenty of test left over.


I bet if you google letro research chemicals or letro research chemicals best source, you will get a lot of good info...

I know research chems are techincally legal, but I still don't think we are allowed to give that info away on here, so just go do that search, you will see all you need to choose a good one that will get you high quality letro in a few days.


Thanks, Bigskwatta. What do you think about running a small dose test while doing the letro to avoid sex drive side effects?


The sex drive will die no matter how much test you are on.

The letro sticky really needs to be amended, imo. The dosage recommendation for its intended purposes is WAAAAAY too high.

You shouldn't need more than half, maaaaaaaybe a full mg a day of letro to get the same effects without destroying your libido for months afterward. I was NOT happy with that protocol.