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Got A Lat Problem!

I am suceeding decently at dieting down and now that a good amount of body fat is coming off I am starting to notice what bodybuilders call there weak points. My most prominant one is I have a good lat spread and great thickness from powerlifting but the top of back/bottom of my traps is kind of sunken in unlike compared to these two hills where the lats meet at the center of the back. Has anyone else had these imbalances and how have they corrected them. I’ve tried more bent-over laterals, rear shrugs, and upright rows but doesn’t really seem to be helping. I’m open to any suggestions within the realm of possibility.

Instead of bending over for your lateral raises, stand straight up, and plant your feet a little past shoulder width apart. Keep your arms straight, and try to keep your palms turned as far inward as possible. I may not know jack else about powerlifting, bodybuilding, or any other topic of interest here at T-Nation, but I know that I did lateral raises like this for one year, and now people call me the set of traps that sprouted a person.

I quit doing these, eventually, though, and I found that doing pushups from a gymnastic bridge maintained every bit of the mass I had gained. Of course, that’s just a really fantastic way to injure yourself, if you’re not that flexible, so keep that in mind.

Try the ‘old time standing row’


to hit the lower traps, use the behind the neck lat pull down, but you have to lean forward and pull the bar pretty far behind you to contract the lower traps, to practice this, stand up against a wall and put your arms up against the wall like you are surrendering, elbows bent at 90 degrees, and think of trying to contract your lower traps and touching your elbows behind your back.

secondly for lower trap thickness, do a tbar row, but grab an olympic bar and put it in a corner old school style. do one arm rows with the one end of the barbell with loaded wight while taking a position on a bench just like dumbell rows. to just stretch and contract mostly lower traps, you have to place your body so when the lowering portion of the row is finished in the extended position, your hands have actually gone forward and you have stretched your traps.

To really make this pound the lower trap, you get into position of the one arm row, and just shrug with your lower trap to failure, drop the weight and rep out actual rows. this exercise in my opinion is the only row to really isolate the lower trap.