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Got a Herniated/Slipped Disk

I’ve always had some lower back issues, on and off though. Recently I’ve started a job where I sit down the majority of the day, as well as drive 30 minutes to work, and a bit longer after due to some traffic.

I’m also training hard for a powerlifting competition.

All of this combined I think made my lower back VERY stiff and quite uncomfortable. I spent all day trying to stretch, massage it but it didn’t help.

I have tried a physio and osteopath but neither helped or gave me a great service in my opinion.

I went to a chiropractor who x-rayed me and found a lower disc in my lumbar spine is compressed. This is also known as a slipped disc or herniated disc. He clicked me and moved me around and adjusted me a lot which made a big difference. It will take a while to have a full effect I think.

He’s said that I can still lift, and from online research the deadlift can help in rehabilitation if done correctly. I am being coached so sure my form is good. I will drop the weight a bit though.

Has anyone else had this injury or issue?
I’m finding it really hard sitting all day as my lower back stiffens up quite quickly and is hard to relieve

Any advice for me?

bobby i also have d same prob but i m not a weight lifter like u i went for physiotherapy it worked initially but later it turned out futile … i want to know how ur pain got reduced …bcoz whenever i go to gym n lift 20 kg or 10 kg on chest or any other set my back starts paining

Just keep watching out for your form.

Chiropractors are good, but keep in mind that they are specialists on the back itself. I had a lot of back pain for a while. Going to the chiro helps for a little while, but then it goes back to being a problem. It turned out being a problem with my hips. If they are out of alignment, the whole spine can go out of alignment. And if the whole spine is out of alignment, a chiropractor pushing down on it now and again isn’t going to solve the underlying problem. Check to see how your hips are doing. Same goes to you too avinash. Pay attention to the possibility of overuse injuries, muscle imbalances, muscles not firing right during certain movements, mobility issues pushing you into bad form, etc. etc. etc.

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I thought they would sort out hip alignment too?

Either way, if it is a hip issue, I’m a bit unsure how to diagnose that or treat it. The Chiropractor hasn’t mentioned it other than saying I am a bit wonky but that’s due to the disc. A physio didn’t help that much - I’m willing to try another though.

Thanks for your advice.

As I said in my original post my job involves sitting all day long. Yesterday I started stretching every 90 minutes by laying down and arching my back upwards, and a few other things. That has helped and I feel a bit better today - not as stiff.

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