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Got A Good Laugh


You know that you order from here often when the Fed-Ex guy hands you your package and says "Got your usual for ya". I giggled and said yep, thanks.


Yeah, with the wifes online shopping and my Biotest orders, he always says "Must be nice to be rich"....even though I'm not.


Should have some comeback to really mess with his head...

"Got your usual for ya"


"ALLRIGHT!! My Prof X bathtime kit!!"

or if you're Nate..

"Allright!! My Brokeback fan club kit."


Oh man, I have to admit I giggled at this one...


He probably thinks it's 'roids and penis enlargement pills.


Nate is Brokeback, too? Gheez, I gotta pay more attention!


Hahaha, the box is too big for the pills, unless I ordered them by the gross. But I should have messed with him about it being like, s&m shit, or something deviant.


That would have been funny, but he wouldn't have gotten it. I, on the other hand, would not be able to control my laughter after saying that.


You giggled?


More like a chuckle, I should say.


I'm sure it was a manly hearty giggle..if there is such a thing...okay maybe not


HE SO does NOT need penis enlargement pills---trust me!


And that explains why Big doesn't have the trifecta mentioned in the Sex and the Male animal fourm.

Not that he's complaining, I'm sure.


Did you see the comic book cover he posted over on Prof. X's showering thread?

Anyone who associates themselves with the phrase "Must have MANASS!", I'm suspect of.


This is a good woman... Take notes slags.



Thank you! :slight_smile:


Well, there you go. A personal testimony.


I can't explain how good she is.


I'm not Brokeback!


Nate, you should use that cartoon as your new avatar, lol