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Got a Free Sus 250. Add to Test E Cycle?


Just started my first cycle. Pinned for the first time yesterday with test e 250ml. Pinning again on Thursday anoyher 250ml.

Got a free sus250 10ml. in my delivery. I’m thinking of adding it to the cycle so I can ‘feel’ the affects of what test prop is like…also maybe a way to frontload.

Is this a good idea to add this?

All of mine are in ampolues…so was thinking doing 250ml test e on Mondays and 250 test e/250 sus, loading the syringe that day with both tests.

Could use advice if this is okay. Planning to run cycle total 15 weeks. I have 10 amps of sus250 running 1 a week for 10 weeks.

Let me know if ok…otherwise I can save sus250 for another cycle? Just not sure at this point I will be doing another as this is my first time

Thanks for advice

Do this. Stick with what you have already planned out.