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Got a Facebook Message from a Tool


So there is this hot chick in my class. She is always flirtin with me, tryin to rub on me and such. I talk with her a little cause she is cute, but you know she is obviously a whore because she said she has a boyfriend. So I'm not even interested in her. Anyways, I get some random message from this toolbag boyfriend of hers on facebook telling me to lay off her or he is going to "come see me" Hahaha.

For real this bitch must be REAL crazy, going back to this poor schlep and telling him I am hitting on her. So what do you guys think, should I punch this kid in the face and then bang his ole lady or just leave the two crazy people alone?



hahahahahahahaha, I was waiting for this.


You didn't hit it yet? I did...


id just keep at it and if see if the boyfriend really "comes to see you" or not...sweet people using facebook to deal with things, thats fuckin pathetic in itself..what ever happened to doing things face to face??



x2 hhahahaha
glad i read this thread first


lol nice work dude


bump ... this thread deserves more pages than the original ... I would post a pic of a naked chick (as naked as the mods would allow) but alas I'm at work and naked chicks is "frowned upon" ... whatever. Damn puritans


Beat Polo to it did ya?


Honestly, I wasn't even thinking parody thread ... V's always in looking for a thread to parody and usually strikes gold


had to break my silence to say clever ass post!


Holy shit you startled me .. how long have you been standing there for?


This is superior to the original thread.


hahaa, again, nice one V


I was going to come see you for some training advices. MMF afterwards?



and V remains the undisputed king of parody threads.


I will not google blue waffle, or blue taco as PMPM insists.


you say that... but you know you want to.


Perfect pic, tdubs!


Now THAT was some funny shit. Good one, V.