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Got a F$$$$$$ Parking Ticket!


So it's spring break, buses aren't available this week so i had to drive to the rec center to workout. Lo and behold i get a ticket. Anyone else get screwed like this? Is there anyway out of the ticket or am i gonna have to bend over and take it. I called them up to appeal and they said our systems are down this week call back next week even though the ticket says i need to appeal within 7 days. Also they said parking is enforced 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. I know this is bs because i've parked on holidays, weekends and evenings many many times with no issues. There are many special events that occur where parking is definitely not enforced.

Is there anyway around this, any experience with campus prick heads. Aka public safety is what they label themselves.

Not thinking clearly, very very unhappy about this.

This seriously screws with what i wanted to try as far as training goes this week.


If you parked somewhere you weren't supposed to park, you can't really argue. If anything you should be glad you didn't get them when your were parking there before.

You can appeal and make up some story, but there is little chance that they will be sympathetic. I had to deal with the same thing on my campus, and you pretty much just have to wear it.

You probably could have bought a used bike for what the ticket is going to cost you. Think smart next time.


uhhhh...isn't this a pretty clear cut issue? You parked illegally. The punishment for that is a fine. Suck it up.

As far as whether or not parking is enforced in that area at that time, go and seek out the regulation that covers that with your school's parking office.

...but I suspect you parked illegally. Parking there illegally in the past and not getting ticketed for it, doesn't make a very strong defense.


How much money are we talking here, Herc?


Fuck that.

Isn't there something that says if it's not a state enforced parking ticket you don't have to pay it? It's a school issued ticket right???

I got 1 at my county college like 2 years ago. I never paid that 25$ piece of crap. They never said anything about it. If they try to enforce it I'll be like, "WTF, that wasn't me!" lol. My buddy had like 10 of the fucking things because parking lots are always so crowded and staff lots are always so open. He was written letters about them but never actually was forced to pay them.


Thanks for your input, it seems i will get screwed by the university for more money once again.

I was not parked illegally, there are many special events that occur at the university where a parking pass is definitely not enforced. This past saturday there was a bodybuilding competition in the university theatre. I am damn sure that parking was not enforced then. How would they enforce hundreds of people there for an event? I was parked in a regular mostly empty lot somewhat near the gym. I do know they do have attendants who charge for parking for really big events such as football and basketball games.

I am going to appeal on the grounds that i had no other transportation other than to drive myself. Due to buses being deactivated or whatever you want to call it for this week. Of course i will do it nicely and appropriately. Experience in disputes has taught me that much.

No this is not as clear cut as you are making it out, i know as does most of the university that they stop checking after around 5pm and on weekends. I have asked this much. I assumed it being no class and etc, that they wouldn't be out trying to screw the students who usually rely on the buses.

All this bs is reason why i will not be going to this gym this summer and etc, despite it being a decent gym for most of the things i need. I will settle for a less than desirous gym to avoid all the crap dealing with parking.

Thanks for the experiences and input, greatyly appreciated.


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Only $25, but it's the pricipal that really irks me.


True, but here at least they will post it to my student account and i would end up having to pay it eventually unless i decide to go to another school or something like that. That is probably what happened to you.


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I just got one of these at my college too. To make matters worse, it was after being out of town for a couple days on business, coming home late friday, studying all weekend, then going in first thing Monday morning to take an exam I missed when I was out of town. Then I come out and have a $75 ticket because I parked in a space I usually park in, but it was before 4:00 PM so it was illegal. Then I had to go in to work and I was about to say fuck this shit, I'm going home.

You have to pay college parking tickets or else they will withold your graduation.

I appealed the ticket by a written letter on company letterhead explaining the situation. Then I calmly said I would go to another university if they didn't drop the ticket, as there is one close that is in direct competition w/ these guys. I haven't heard back yet, and I'm switching if they don't drop the fine. I'm guessing they will.

This is a luxury you might not have.

Write them a letter explaining a situation. If it is your first time, you may get a grace. Make sure to explain it is not a regular thing and that you have read and now understand the rules for weekends, after hours, etc.


I am going to appeal. In talking to a few other students from here, i gather they usally do waive the first one. We shall see.

Hope it works out for you in your situation as well.


You have an attorney at your school who works on behalf of the students, go to them with questions if you want. I have gotten several $10 tickets that i have always paid right away (goes up to 20 if you wait) but after talking to some people, i wont pay them again.

JUST WATCH OUT if you decide not to pay them, if you get enough, like 3 or something, they are then able to stick a boot on your car if they catch you again.

Its a toss up, dont pay it and you'll have to be a little more careful.


I have heard in some cases these parking tickets effecting your credit, but I don't know how reliable that source is.

I lived in campus townhouses for almost 2 years. The LAST week of my time there, I was ticketed twice. Supposedly they required parking permits, but did not enforce it until the last week of school. Needless to say, I was pretty fucking pissed.

We can only have written appeals for parking, so I wrote one up, and both tickets were dropped- so you should try that. But DO NOT ignore it. It will at least come back to you and your graduation.


Double check the ticket, sometimes they fuck them up and they can get quashed.


I got a 20$ ticket for parking my parents car in a student lot (mine had a flat) but just to get it voided.. I paid to have the right to park their..I get a space so if its a different car then that shouldnt really matter but it was still a big production so I just paid.


One time I got a ticket and was pissed because I parked illegally and knew I had done so but figured it was ok becase, well, it should just be. But still..fuck those guys! So I wrote a letter saying I would move schools because I am the only student that has ever applied there and they will never find anyone else to use their facilities if I leave....



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