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Got a Customs Letter


I have a rx for mrt testoterone 200 mg once a week. I ordered testoterone 250 mg online and my 7 vials were confiscated. I suppose having a rx doesn't prevent possible prosecution if customs wants to. Plan is to not return letter and let them confiscate medication. Just wondering if anyone has any addition thoughts on my plan.


na, just chalk it up as a loss


If you contest is they persue you to the best of their ability in courts (i.e. posession, use etc) at least thats what it reads here in Australia. Definitely not a good idea to challenge any seizures.


do not return the letter.

hopefully your source has a reship policy


You have most likely been flagged now and they will check future mail.


Has anyone had customs go any further than just a seizure?


Can you tell us where the shipment/country originated? .....was thinking of ordering online.


as long as you aren't ordering massive amounts of orals or powders, you'll be fine..

id recommend getting a different address though, as yours is likely flagged


well, this depends a lot on where you live, as far as the legality...

if you've got a Rx, then you're allowed to have the prescribed medication. a script doesn't require you to purchase the medication from any one location....

btw, where are you living?


Would y'all order injectables already bottled online or just stick with powders and orals. Source says that their injectables go through with 99% success and if seized will resend. What do y'all think


uhhh.. depends if you wanna brew it your self or get finished product....