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Got a Captain of Crush. Now What?


I got the CoC 1 from EFS. I can almost close it with my right and I can only get about halfway with my left. How do I train my grip with this thing?


Static hold. Use both hands to close it and just try to keep it closed as long as you can.


or spring for the trainer and use that to warm up and work up to the #1.


You can also do reps & sets like you would with any other exercise. A couple times a week I close mine 3 sets of 5 reps in the evening. If you really work em hard you can actually feel it in your hand flexors the following day.


Your hands can adapt to a load very quickly. Twice a week set your alarm for every hour and squeeze that thing 20 times in each hand. Move up to three times a week, and then four. When you get to the point of closing it fairly easily, you can move up.


Go to Heavy Grips website, they make grippers as well, and they have beginner, medium, and advanced workouts. Also, I bought some cheap grippers from Academy to warm up with. Your knuckles will definitely feel it if you don't warm up to your grip workout.


I train on my off days 3x a week. 5 sets of 5 reps, work to close them... once you can get it closed in each hand on all reps, i'd move up.

Also, deadlift.


there's a new article on elitefts.com. its really good. as soon as i'm able to go back to training, im gonna use this program.


Heavy Grips are shit. Absolutely do not buy them. Ever.

I bought three, and they were ALL heavily under-weighted.

The '100lb' spring is about 44lb. The '150lb' is about 80lb and the '200lb' isabout 110lb... That is ridiculous, right?


Have you tried squeezing it ?

I got a number 2, and after squeezing it for a while I decided to try to use it as sex toy for my girl and I.

That was a bust.

So stick to squeezing it, they seem to do well at that, not well at "other" things.

If you figure anything else out report back IMMEDIATELY.


just be careful when jerking off. Once your grip gets really strong you dont want to rip your willy off haha


How did you discover this? Is there a way to measure?


I just wrapped the handle in a sock for dampening, then pressed it shut against a scale.

Not to mention when I first got them I immediately thought I was either super strong or there was something wrong... not having gripped before I could do the 100lb about 50 times until I got bored, the 150lb was a warm up for the 200lb, which was pretty hard to close. But yeah, all of that should have been much harder to do.


There was a guy at the gym with the heavy grippers and he handed me the "200lb" one. Owning a few CoC, I looked for something lighter to warm up with and found a "100lb" and almost broke it. Then I grabbed the "200lb" and easily knocked out 20+ reps and then did the same with my left. Heavy Grips are a joke!

For comaparison I can close the #2 CoC with my right for 3 reps and my left for 1 on a good day. I want to get a 1.5 for rep work and a 2.5 to work on closing.


gripboard.com has a shitload of info on grippers.
for #1 I wouldn't worry too much about following any specific routine, just do single max rep attempts + negatives (close it using both hands, slowly release). negatives with a gripper stronger than the one you're attempting to close are the best though.

unless you're genetically gifted (some folks close #2 on their first attempt) - just accept the fact that is is going to take a few weeks for the tendons in your wrists to get used to teh brootalz of gripping.


Excuse me if I am being an Obvious Owen right now but EFS just had an article on this last week.



Sorry to bump an old thread, but I figured I'd ask here rather than start a new one...

I currently own a 150 lb and a 200 lb Heavy Grip. I've worked up to the point that I can close the 200 lb. for 3-4 sets of 10-12 with each hand.

I've heard that HG's are the best, so I figured my next purchase would be a few CoC grippers. What should I buy to continue progressing? Obviously a 1 isn't a step up, but should I go to a 1.5, 2, etc.?

Thanks in advance guys.


Hg's are an absolute joke as a gripper. Get some Captains of Crush (coc) and stick with those. They are the "gold standard" of gripper's, much harder than HG's, i've got a coc "trainer" and #1 and have built up my grip strength to the point where i can close the #1 15-20 times. I suggest you start the #1 and maybe #1.5 coc.


If you can only afford one CoC gripper, go for #2.
I'm assuming your goal is crushing grip strength as opposed to forearm development - if that is the case don't waste your time doing sets of multiple reps, they work your forearms without much carryover to the max crushing grip strength.
HGs aren't the best but you can still do things like strap holds to increase the load (loop a strap through a plate, squeeze the gripper to pinch the strap, hold it shut with the weight hanging down), etc.