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Got 700 On The Radar, Don't Give a F#*% About A Hater


Much love to Masch, KMC, and Matty for killing my last log:


If you don't know Cocoa Espresso by now, I'll just say that I'm unique in my ways of training, train by instinct (which for me also means no programs) and an aspiring powerlifting bodybuilder.

The title is merely a lyric, and also a clever way to keep up with my total. Whenever I get a new max in my squat, DL, bench or MP, I change the number in the title. In "715 Reasons You Should Know Cocoa Espresso" I added 65 pounds to my total in 4 months on a caloric deficit. In fact, my first workout entry was a bench PR. This log will start no differently this time =D

Back and Chest

Barbell Rows
Bar x 12
65 x 12
95 x 12
115 x 12
135 x 12
155 x 10

I feel like there are some rep PRs in there, but not 100%

Bench Press
Bar x 12
65 x 12
95 x 8
115 x 3
135 x 3
165 x 1 x 4 sets (+10 PR)
135 x 7 x 2


Straight arm Pulldowns
45 x 12 x 7

In this vid, I have 2 25# plates and a 10# plate on each side.

The sets aren't perfect, since there wasn't a lot of rest between sets. My first set wasn't recorded. Some guys who compete(ed) said that the rep was good, but I wanted to record it to be sure. Took a vid (the vid above). I didn't like that I can't see the ROM (although the bar was less than an inch from my chest) so I took another video (not shown). One of my friends said "Ooh I want to video tape you." About 30 second rest before I did the 165 for the 3rd time. When I was done with the set, he says "Ooh uhm, it didn't record. You already started and I didn't want to stop you." Oooo-kkkayyy. So last vid was my final set of 165 with minimal rest.

K that was long. But amusing.

The bench PR gave me +10 to my total =D


First!!! hi <3


Nice benching my pretty! Awesome PR!


Good job.
I agree, training programs are overrated.


Kickin' it off with some heavy benching! I like it!

Looking forward to it!


In on new log! <3

Awesome Bench PRs! Not only did you get it once, but four times!

How do you change a log title? Or do you mean you change it every time you make a new log?


here I am...now get TIGHT on that bench... :wink:)) Good job Nikki


Excellent benching, Nikki.


hey wow a new log!

i remember now... you are where i get my inspiration sometimes to ditch the program and do what seems fun. intense training to be sure, but yeah. sometimes i really do think that programs are over-rated.

great benching!


Eighth!!! Oh wait.....

I guess eighth isnt really that cool huh?

How did I not know that the numbers in your title were your total? What an idiot!

Nice benching Nikki! I think you're setting a record for" fastest log filler upper-er ever" :slight_smile:


When I was 6 I vowed that one day I would be as big and strong as Nikki. I have not yet reached that goal.


Nikki: Yeah new log! Same rules right--a pic a page? Congrats on your bench pr!


YES! thats what Im talking about, way to go nikki!


I'm thoroughly impressed, seriously.

Really...you've been lifting for what, a year now?? fml


Thanks for the comments lovers <3

Blaze! <3
You just go back to the first post and Edit it, then change the name of the subject/log.

Power, you're completely right. Working on it =D

Alex, sometimes being gung-ho over a program can be discouraging. I like my training style =)

Greg, 8 is cool. Anything with you is cool.
Now I got that papertowel commercial jingle stuck in my head thanks to you: "Bounty quicker picker-upper!" heehee

Aww Count, I <3 you. Such a Beautiful Liar.

Nadia, yep same rules. The no uploading images is over and done with now.

Thanks MiM. I think June or July marks a year, right? Yay!

Sadly no training this weekend. These are the times that I REALLY hate that my gym isn't 24/7. Or at least open earlier.
Work just pissed me off today and I only ate twice. Anyway, I blew off my steam and about to go to sleep, then repeat this day. Shoulders and arms are being pushed to Monday.


You just go back to the first post and Edit it, then change the name of the subject/log.

ah. i wondered how people did that.

Alex, sometimes being gung-ho over a program can be discouraging. I like my training style =)

yes. i like your training style, too :slight_smile:

lots of joy. lots of PR's. lots of other kinds of progress, too. what more could one want??


You're wack...you know why, we have the same BP. :stuck_out_tongue: Rehab is gay! Can't believe me and a midget bench the same thing. :wink:

But...Nice PR, shortee.


great job at that bench NIKKII! and everything else, you know the score--I loves Nikki :slight_smile:



No training for me either this weekend, deloading and eating like complete SHYTE yo. FAF turned into a weekend affair, Love the view of the Pic...love it!