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Gossip! Gossip!

Alright erveryone! Its gossip time! Rumor central! First question… who do you guys think are the people involved with the Venice Beach Sex Cult? Also what about the Dead Pool? Any other rumors or gossip willing to share?

I must have been in a cave somewhere or under a rock: What’s the ‘Venice Beach Sex Cult’??? Some kinda orgy thing with bodybuilders that live in Cali??

I know who all these people are. It is Tim Patterson, T.C. Louma, Chris Shugart, and me! I am the one shooting Nubain directely into my dick while chewing a few tabs of X, smoking a huge joint while getting sea-sawed by two large men and a woman who looks like a man. By the way, T.C. is hung like a bull. (Just Kidding yall)

Maclar- the article appeared in issue #101.

Pat- You scare me.

I just read the article and I must say that is some fucked up stuff.I’m really curious to find out which pros were involved, especially which women were involved.Is there a bit of clue anyone can give to their identities?

Thanks Mr.Shugart…just read the article, and that’s some totally messed up shit!!!

I heard a rumor that no one gave a shit about who was fucking who. I also heard another one that no one gave a shit how much fast food the pros eat in the off season. They must be just rumors though, since most people can’t just mind their own business.

Jeff: OUCH!!!

You’re on a keto diet aren’t you Jeff?

Hrmm Paul Dillet is one of the headliners of the dead pool. Mike francious is the guy taking a dump in the bag. I think dennis newman is one of em since he came back from lukemia. I am not sure but I think Shawn ray is the one with the yellow colored eyes. I am pretty sure nasser is the one using the “holy trinity”. If I re-read em once again I bet I can pick out some more. Of course lee priest is in there but if u read the articles u would already know that =). I have no clue about the “sex cult” it sure was some intersiting reading though.

Here’s a rumor… Jeff is the homo who intimidated all of the guys into giving him bj’s in the Venice Sex Cult… could just be a rumor, though…

BoogaBrain, I knew you would hold a grudge about last night…I told you, Ronnie and I have an intimate cheese burger eating bond/fetish and it wasn’t personal that we didn’t want to include you. I knew you would do something like this to try to get revenge. Tell you what, I’ll talk to Lee Priest and see if he can do something to cheer you up, if you know what I mean.

Actually, I was just trying to make a point that people are too concerned with what everyone else is doing and not concerned enough about themselves. If that warrents calling me a homo, then I guess I am a homo, although this homo still likes girls. No, I'm not on a keto diet, if I am I get even more easily pissed :)

Any by the way, BoogaBrain, if you are so insulted that you had to resort to the good old "I can't defend myself so I must insult" ad hominem-type attack, I'd say you need to address the situation, since my comment wasn't even directed at you.

‘Can’t we all…just…get along!?’ :wink:

Jeff, I’ve come to be a man and make amends. You are totally right… we should mind our own business regarding sex lives and whatnot… so, in that spirit, I will refrain from commenting on your fantasy of me screwing practically every bodybuilder and hamburgers with cheese… that fantasy is just between you and the midget you keep locked up in your basement… I just have one question, when playing BoogaBrain in your sick role playing session, which one of you wears the John Holmes sized strap-on to make the scene more believable? Personally, I think the midget would do a better job, since he actually knows how to use a penis… ah well, in the spirit of “just getting along” I must digress…

That midget is over 18 years old, and he isn’t “locked up,” he’s just very reclusive. It’s all legal, I tell you.

Actually Jeff - I’m really the Hamburgler in disguise. Sorry to have lead you on all these years, but Ronald’s moved on to Grimmace, and you’re the one with the real “Special Sauce”. That and all the leftover cheeseburgers…

Do you want to know the truth? The real truth?

Cause if you do I’m going to go into horridly explicit detail naming names like there’s no tomorrow.

So fair warning. If you don’t want your precious idols smashed, read no further.


I’ve been a witness to all of it. Even to the extent of participating with one or two fitness chicks blown on Xtacy. I ain’t proud of it but I’d still probably do it again. I just wish it didn’t involve seeing some of the shit I did.

Many of you aren’t going want to believe this or are going to have a little sissy defensive reaction claiming it’s all BS… do whatever you want…

Here goes:

The culprits were obviously Xtacy and Nubain.

Dear lord. Lesbians and group sex. Lets just say I wasn’t quite as put off as the author.

The pornstar the guy mentioned was Jenna Jameson. No she isn’t known for the gang bang thing. The man obviously doesn’t know his porn.

I think the guy who wrote the article (and I think I’ve narrowed it down and figured out who it was) was exaggerating when he said a big guy was trying to force him to participate. That’s not what it’s like and he knows it, that just adds a little more sizzle to the story. The jerk could’ve left anytime he wanted and he knows it.

Anyway, the big guy they're talking about who wanted to play bj duck duck goose was Cutler. I can't stand that prick (and no that's not how I mean it)

The guy who shoots escilene into his dick is Titus. It's sad really. The guy's wife is a real whore and you basically need a wiffle bat to satisfy her so the chump did what he had to do.

That freak Palumbo was also there. that damn sob doesn't look human. He has the features of an ape that scientists did lots of terrible experiments on... he brought the coke... the dude still stuck to his amazingly regimented drug regimen. In the middle of the party, he gives himself a shot of humulog, 2IUs of GH, and eats a whopper. Hilarious, but something to think about. He'll be lucky to live till he's 35.

Anyway, I think I'll leave it at there. I'll be very surprised if I see this posted. you now know, and god help you, I suggest you revert to worshipping the bodybuilders of old, along with Coleman, Yates the other guys who don't participate in this sort of shit.

I’m assuming either you have attended one of these get togethers or had a very good friend there.

Whoa! That’s crazy! Slammer, do you know who else was there? Like any of the fitness chicks? I don’t know why, but I believe your story! Thanks, man!

Who were the fitness girls, slammer? It would be funny to know, already I don’t look at Cutler and Titus in the same way. Not that I thought they were normal before hearing this. R