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Gorlox22's Log- Grills and Lifts

Long time lurker, thought it was time to start a log.

22 years old
Power Clean:220x1

Been lifting since high school, set most of my PRs 1+ years ago, been a slacker for a while now. Decided it was time to get back at it.

background: work 10+ hours a day, lift 4 days a week in the AM, did a small time powerlifting meet in 2010, havent done much since, been working back up on a very sore (injured?) low back for most of the summer.

goals: get weight up to ~170, at roughly current bodyfat

lifting: Sunday: Press 3x5, bench 3-5Rm, chins 3x8-12, dips 3x8-12
monday: squat 3x5, deadlift 5rm, power clean 5x3, abs, back ext
wednesday: bench 3x5, press 3-5rm, chins and dips
friday: same as monday

Diet: will update tomorrow. aiming for 4000 cals, 400/130/300.

gladly accepting all criticism, comments or suggestions.