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GorillaMon's Gonna Get Sexy With It!

Workout A:
Bench press 105kg x 25, 14
Assisted chins 5, 7, 6

Resistance band one arm rows 3 x 25
DB front raises 13kg x 3 x 20

Continuous series of Push ups x 64>>>assisted chin ups x 34, 13kg db ohp x 50, inverted rows x 20 15 rep squats in between >>> 3 rounds of high rep banded tri extensions, face pulls and hammer curls.

Squats 52kg x 5 x 30
Hanging leg raises 25, 22, 20, 18
Band quad push downs x 100
Glute bridges x 150
10kg abductions x 40

Assisted chins 7 + 2 x 2 bw chins…really chuffed to be doing full bw chins again…20 by xmas looks doable now.
Bench press 112kg x 20
Band rows x 2 x 30
DB front raises 13kg x 2 x 25

Conditioing series: Push-ups x 68>>>Assisted chins x 30>>>13kg db ohps x 50>>>Inverted rows x 24>>>3 rounds of high rep tri exts, curls and face pulls.

Yesterdays w/o…Benched 102kg x 35 + managed 75 push-ups, can’t remember what else I did

Todays W/o

Squats 62kg x 3 x 30…would of gone heavier but started to get knee pain:(
Stiff leg deadlifts 62kg x 15, 92kg x 20, 112kg x 15
Donkey kicks x lots of
Hanging leg raises 25, 20, 18
5 mins of 20kg cable walks

Morning work -out:
chin-ups 3 x 2
Push ups x 80, 50
Evening Work-out:

13kg lateral raises x 2 x 15
Assisted horizontal rows (not very good at these yet…got a fair few with a heavy band and only 3 or 4 reps with poor form with a lighter band, a bit more weight loss and lot more motor control is needed to make these eayish)
Circuit of 20kg tri ext, face pulls and curls, about 100 reps each over three rounds.

What the hell man ahahahah

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