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GorillaMon's Gonna Get Sexy With It!

DB Bench rows 72kg x 3 x 7 + Thick rope Inverted rows x 2 x 20
Various other bits and pieces (including some upright rows which I haven’t done in years).

Squats 112kg x 2 x 20
Zercher squats 52kg x 50 + band for glute activation
Lots of glute bridges

Cable walks 39kg x 1000

Bench press 102kg x 100, 77kg x 120
Assisted chins (black band) 5 x 2

Bench press 132kg x 30, 112kg x 70
Assisted chins 4 x 3
Feet elevated inverted rows 30, 20, 20
Upright rows (45kg) 3 x 30, skull crushers 3 x 20+
15kg angle grinder (probably about 400 reps)
Some band work to finish

Got me a fan for my home gym to cool me down…much better!!!

Rack pulls 172kg x 10, 142kg x 25, 112kg x 50
Stiff leg deads 92kg x 2 x 20
Lots of banded ham curls and glute bridges


22kg cable walks (about 1000 back and forth) with 400 5kg goblet squats and 200 gms in between.

Bit of an experimental workout

Pin Bench press plus light band (these were much harder than regular bp) 152kg x 1, 147kg x 1, 132kg x 20
Assisted chins 5 x 2
Feet elevated rows 2 x 30
Loads of reverse grip tri extensions >> Push downs
Some curls and plate raises to finish

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Bench press 92kg x 120
OHP 82kg x 25
Feet elevated inverted rows 35, 30
Double banded assisted chins 12, 9

Circuit x 3 of banded curls, tri exts and face pulls.

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I wonder what type of top end strength you could accomplish if you did a long peaking program. I think it would need to be long in order to transfer your rep strength to 1RM strength. Most guys peak going from 8-10 rep sets to 1 rep, you would need to go from 100+ to 1.

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Once I’ve done my Bench press record for charity I’m probably going to start training quite a bit heavier again and start working my ways towards getting really strong on everything on under 10-15 reps which is something I haven’t done in a while.

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Squats 62kg + 82kg x 50
Stiff leg deads 40kg x 100
Push up plank x 50 seconds + some hanging ;leg raises and knee tucks
50 one legged glute bridges
27kg - 47kg cable walks x lots of

Bench press 112kg x 74
OHP 85kg x 17
10kg Feet elevated inverted rows 25, 20
Band assisted chins 2 x 12

Circuit x 3 of tricep exts, hammer curls and face pulls.

Bench press 120kg x 50…this was super cool!!
OHP 87kg x 17
Feet elevated inverted rows + 15kg x 2 x 25
Assisted chins 2 x 10
Loads of cable tri exts, curls and face pulls
55kg upright row x 20


Man, that’s awesome! Nice work.

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Thanks Sven

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Light weight lower body w/o

Squats 62kg x 100 + 17kg zercher squat x 200
Stiff leg deadlifts 60kg x 75
Glute bridges + Push up plank
Did some cable walks 32kgs + held 20kg plates and then with 5kg ankle weights…this really intensified things!

Bench Press 102kg x 105
OHP 87kg x 17
Feet elevated inverted rows + 20kgs x 2 x 25
Assisted chins 13, 11

EZ bar curls 63kg x 8, 60kg x 10, 50kg x lots!
Skull crushers 48kg x 12, 45kg x 18
Band curls, tri exts and face pulls to finish.