GorillaMon's Gonna Get Sexy With It!

Good day t nationers. I’ve just finished a 5-6 or so month high frequency training block and have decided to get back to my old style of training, where, hopefully I can burn off some flubber and continue to keep adding strength.

The goals:

Squat 145kg x 20
Rack pull 250kg
Bench press 140kg x 30 + Break WR for benching 225lbs for more than 53 reps (currently about 65 reps)
OHP 125kgs + 90kg x 20
10 chin-ups
DB Bench row 72kg DBs x 20
Tricep push down 77kg x 20 (current best 72kg x 20)
EZ bar curl 60kg x 20

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And so it begins…


137kg x 2 x 2 + 132kg x 3 x 2
82kg x 3 x 20

100 glute bridges

Really, really hot today, didn’t lift anything properly HEAVY but still a productive work-out…SWEATING!

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That’s a really minimalist training. I’m interested in seeing how it goes! By the way, what were your conclusions at the end of the high-frequency experiment?

Also what are your maxes right now? 137 x 2 seems like babyweight if your goal is 200 :stuck_out_tongue:

I have no idea what my maxes are (I’m guessing they aren’t that impressive since I’ve spent so long training high reps) though I think they’ll come up pretty quick.

I’ve written a little bit about my conclusions in my high frequency training experiment in ‘bigger stronger leaner’.

OHP 82kg x 3,3,3,2,3
Floor press 122kg x 1, 117kg x 1 & 87kg x 16
DB OHP 22kg 3 x 20
High inc db press 22kg x 3 x 20
Resistance band tri exts 3 x lots of
About 100 4kg goblet squats

6 sets of assisted chins, lots of reps
Rows 85kg x 15, 20, 20, 18, 18 my best ever row is 165 so I’ve got a long way to go get back to that level…but all in good time!

57kg shrugs
band pull aparts

3 rounds 20 reps each

Much better work-out than yesterday, need to go heavier on curls though.

New shortish term goal: row 110kg x 20…this will match my all time best for reps and put me well on track for a 180kg row

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142kg x 5 x 1
85kg x 3 x 20
62kg x 40 PB is 55 with this weight…but…not bad for an opener

50 x 2 glute bridges with 10kg on lap

Pretty good work-out, might have to start squatting wider, I think this might be part of the reason why my squat numbers are so shabby at the top end of the scale.

Training sesh nr 1:


85kg x 5 x 2

Training sesh nr 2:

Floor press:

102kg x 3,3,3,3 7


22kg x 25, 20, 20

Inc DB press:

22kg x 20, 20, 20

3 x 20 tri exts

50 x 2.5kg squat thrusters

6 sets of assisted chins
Rows 95kg x 20, 17, 17, 13, 12, 10
Hammer curl through plates 22kg x 5 x 20
Pull-overs 22kg x 3 x 20
Band pull aparts 3x 30
Resistance band pull downs and rows 100 reps each…will use a heavier band next time.

Great sesh, rows are coming along like a dream!

Also down around 7lbs.


145kg x 1, 1, MISSED! Had to bail on this bitch boo hiss
92kg x 18…again, had to bail on 18 reps…furrrrrrrk!

Called time early on the squats today since my squatting mojo didn’t seem to be on top form…NEXT TIME, LOL

100 10kg glute bridges
100 bodyweight calf raises

Work-out 1:

OHP: 87kg x 3, 3, 3, 3, 2

Great train, a 100kg press is now just around the corner…my best ever is 112 so getting back to 100 will be pretty reassuring.

Work-out 2:

Couldn’t be bothered to do floor presses and moderately weighted db work soooooo I did something totally different for a change with a view to improving my endurance and 100 rep max goals in mind.

Easy angle push-ups: 60, 45, 40, 40, 40
12kg DB OHP: 45, 40, 35, 35
5 sets of 20 tri exts

6 sets of assisted chins
Rows 105kg x 20, 17, 15, 13, 12
Plate curls 24.5kgs 3 x 20
Pull overs 24.5kg x 18, 16, 13
Band pull aparts x 3 x 30
Assisted inverted rows x 50
Resistance band pull downs x 100…slightly thicker band than last time

BOOYAH! Oh and down to 339lbs so far, 11lbs lost so far.

Experimental conditioning/fat loss work-out…for the future…MAYBE!

Assisted chin-ups x 30, 20, 15
4kg kb squats x 40, 40, 40
Easy angle push-ups x 40, 30, 30

3 rounds of

DB OHP 12kg x 45, 30, 25
4kg kb squats x 40, 40, 40
Assisted inverted rows x 40, 25, 15

3 rounds of

Total work-out time 12:44…this should be much easier when I’m fitter and a lot lighter!

Tweaked back so I can’t really do any heavy squats, ohps and rows etc for a while:(

Empty bar squats 4 x 25
Assisted Chin-ups 5, 5,5 ,6
Easy ish angle push ups 3 x15
Glute bridges 3 x 30
One legged calf raises 3 x 15
Resistance band front raises 3 x 15

Assisted one legged squats 4 x 20…these felt good, these, I’ll think will be my main leg exercise till my back is better.
Assisted chins 4 x 6
Easyish angle push ups 20, 20, 15
Feet elevated glute bridges 3 x 25
15kg DB OHP 2 x 25…these felt ok on my back will go slightly heavier next time.
Band pull aparts 3 x 30

Some new injury related goals:

Assisted one legged squats 40 reps
Assisted chins 15 reps
Easyish angle push ups 40 reps
Feet elevated glute bridges 50 reps
17kg DB OHP 50 reps

Body weight is now down to 336lbs.

Assisted one legged squats 4 x 20
Assisted chins 6,5,5,6
Easyish angle close neutral grip push ups 3 x 20
Feet elevated glute bridges 3 x 30
17kg DB OHP 30, 30, 50…first injury PR achieved…next target 75 reps.
Rows 55kg 3 x 25…target 50 reps
Band pull aparts 3 x 30

Lightly assisted reverse lunges 3 x 20…target 40 reps
Assisted chins 7, 7, 7, 6
Easyish angle push ups 26, 25, 25
Feet elevated glute bridges 3 x 40
Easy ish angle pike pushups 3 x15…target 40 reps
Rows 55kg 3 x 30
Band pull aparts 3 x 30

Lightly assisted reverse lunges 22, 25, 25
Assisted chins 7, 7, 7, 6
Easyish angle push ups 28, 25, 20
Feet elevated glute bridges 50, 40, 40
Easy ish angle pike pushups 3 x 22
Rows 55kg x 50…target achieved! 30, 30
Band pull aparts 3 x 30