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Gorilla Snot Failed for DL Grip

Someone had posted about using Gorilla Snot for grip on deads. I bought some, tried to use it, and FAILED.

I can’t remember who had suggested it, but if anyone uses it, can you explain? I was under the impression you apply to your hands, grip the bar, it sticks and then as soon as you release your hand the stickiness evaporates? No?

never heard of it. like the name though haha

maybe it was still fresh from the nostril, you have to make sure its oxidised a little before you use it so it can develop its stickiness

Gorilla Snot is a gripping aid. It has been developed by and for professionals who demand flexibility, functionality, and efficiency in the tools of their trade. A non-gooey, naturally refined tree rosin, Gorilla Snot reacts with your body’s natural chemistry and heat output to retain a steady grip on picks drumsticks, bows, and any other hard to grip instruments.

While playing, Gorilla Snot maintains an even consistency, but when you’ve finished, just separate your fingers for 20 or 30 seconds, and it dissolves completely! The gripping reaction is only effective when you activate it. It cannot stain instruments or clothing because it is entirely permeable to open air and dissipates completely.

How Do I Use Snot
Apply Gorilla Snot sparingly to your fingers or work a small amount into your pick, bow, or drumstick! Gorilla Snot dries in a few seconds, forming a soft tacky surface that is moisture resistant, long lasting, and won’t stain clothing or instruments. After you’ve finished using it, separate your fingers from the instrument, and hold them apart (hand open). After half a minute, the Gorilla Snot will be almost completely non-existent!

Note: If you use too much, the Snot may take a little longer to dissipate, and you should wipe your hands with a mildly soapy cloth and dry thoroughly… (rule of thumb: excess is a mess!)

There is a world of difference between griping a barbell and a violin bow or guitar pick. The description of gorilla snot does not make it sound promising for deadlifts, but I guess nothing wrong with trying it out.


Sounds like it would be illegal to use in most feds due to the stickiness factor.

I was giving it a shot more for some rep work. Mixed or hook grip for singles.

Grip strength is pretty crucial. Do you try to crush every barbell, dumbell, etc…, that you lift?

These are awesome grip trainers: