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I read a favorable review of these new "gloves" in Men's Fitness mag. Has anybody tried using them? I'm thinking about buying a pair.




But in the long run, wouldn't you be short changing yourself by weakening your hands/grip?


Well, no! You still have to use your hand strength to hold onto the bar, the grips (or any gloves for that matter) in no way provide extra strength or make the weight lighter. They just stop the bar from sliding out of your hands when you are using heavy weights and/or have sweaty palms, and as a result, should allow you to hold on to HEAVIER weigths for LONGER...so they would STRENGTEN your grip.


"Hi, I'm mdc_anasazi and I work for Gorilla Grips!"


LOL - nice catch. he only has 2 posts!

It's funny, I don't use wraps or gloves, nor do I do any direct forearm work.....and I have had a few people make references to my large forearms. Hmm....I wonder what that is from?


this from a testimonial on their site...

"i'm known around town as a trendsetter. who says the gym can't be a stylish happening spot? gorilla-grips have saved my hands AND my reputation."

...dude, i think you brought your advertisement to the wrong spot, just a heads up:)


I enjoy my callouses! I don't want to have gay hands.


Ive actually been looking at these. I dont like gloves much, Im not a fan of straps. I like feeling the bar, and I would use chalk if I could.
Problem is, gym wont have chalk, and I have massively sweaty hands. The only lift I even consider needing anything would be deadlifting. It just slips off my palms and down into my fingers, which causes massive pain. I think these would be good for me, as its not really a glove, just a grip thing for the palm, so i dont slip. No straps, or anything, its just a small ass piece of leather or w.e . Whats your thoughts?


Id try the liquid Chalk people say it works great and you wont comprimise grip strength.


what's liquid chalk? Do you have a link or brand name I can google?


I've a similar problem with dumbbell shrugs as well as deadlifts...my grip is not strong enough and also gets too sweaty to hold onto the weight. :frowning:


I have this problem with Deadlifts.

Does liquid chalk help that much?


wow...is this how a newbe is treated on this site? I'm just looking for advise on a product I've never seen or heard of before.


sorry, just thought that testimonial was funny as hell:)..anyways, liquid chalk is great...about nine dollars with shipping and you get in 3-4 days, just spray some on your hands and your good to go, no messes to hear complaints about...i'm sending you a pm with the link....


A lot of rock climbers etc use this. kind of like the pine tar etc baseball players use etc.

Sorry no link on hand but any good sports store/outdoors place should have it.


Also worth mention I am tring out this new crap called Fusion. Got it at Sports Authority. Kinda of nice It would be handy if you put in a bag. It doesnt leave all the white dust, just put it on shake excess off in bag. Its a mix of wood flour and calcium carbonate I have only used it one day. I like lots of chalk better I think, but for a clean sub might be a good one for you.


Those of you who have tried Liquid Chalk, how does it work? Is it like anti-persperant for your hands? Would it be good at keeping your hands from getting blisters on Oly lifts for example?

For the gorilla grips thing, are gloves REALLY that much more of a nuisance?



Time under the bar and tough skin will stop blisters. Not chalk.


The liquid chalk is chalk disolved in alcohol. The alcohol evaporates, and leaves the chalk. It left my skin feeling dried out after using it. I like chalk in a block better.

The only time I like wearing gloves, is when operating a shovel.


Taping the thumbs can temporarily increase the strength of the hook grip by increasing friction.

But unless black thumb-tips are part of your aesthetic ideal, don't leave the tape on too long.