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Gorangers0525 Cube Method Log

Unfortunately my last log ended early due to an ankle sprain. Fortunately I made a speedy recovery and it’s at about 80% now. The cube method has interested me for the longest time now, and I am now going to give it a go starting on monday. I bought the e-book yesterday and it’s a definite buy for anyone interested in the method. I’ve already read through it twice and after a little more research I’ll be ready by monday to start.

But until then i’m just going to go to the gym and train what I want to train.

With that being said, today I wanted to hit my back hard. I haven’t benched in two weeks to help my shoulder recover and I’ve done a TON of work on it these past two weeks. It’s feeling better than it ever has, I just hope it can stand benching again.


Warm-up/mobility drills- I used the stretches from STB’s article on elitefts "mobile shoulders push big benches). While it was brutal, the ROM in my shoulder increased twofold. Definitely recommended to anyone with some deep down shoulder issues.

Lat stretch

Started off with db rows.


17x100 (w/straps)

lat pulldowns- 3x10x135



Curls- Don’t know exact weight, but I loaded a bunch of 5’s on an easy curl bar and did one huge drop set until the bar.

Upper body sled work-

45lbs plate only

5 40 yard trips benching the sled

5 40 yard trips rowing the sled

25lbs plate

5 40 yard trips doing front raises with the sled

5 40 yard trips doing reverse fli’s with the sled.

These gave all parts of my shoulder ran enormous pump, which is much better than pain lol. Definitely keep this in the rotation.

im in. I might try running this into my next meet

Cube Method 12/17/2012

Deadlift- Reps Day

Weights are based off of 455/250 (haha)/ 510 maxes

I’m going to keep it brief considering this is the second time I wrote this out. I had an freaking awesome and explanatory log post before, but my interwebz went out as I was about to post it and it didn’t save. Fuck you post sandy interwebz.

1-2" Deficit deads- Worked up to a nice and easy 8x345

4" block pulls- Worked up to 2x3x415. Also pretty easy.

Leg press- Worked up to 8x715lbs added. Full rom.

Leg curls 4 sets of 10. Close to failure, stressing the eccentric.

Back raises- 50 reps. The stretch at the bottom destroyed my already pumped hamstrings, but other than that, they were easy.

Ab pulldowns- 50 reps

Prowler- 10- 40 yard sprints with 50 lbs added. Going for speed not weight added today.

Felt fucking awesome today.

Pretty sore today, mostly in the hamstrings.


Extra Workout

100 ultra wide sumo-deads against an average band. This got some blood into the hips and hams.

Then I just foam rolled everywhere and really took a lax ball to the anterior delts. My shoulders been feeling much better lately, and I want it to be ready for floor press day tomorrow. I’m going to work up to a single thats at like an “8 maybe 9” considering this is my first time ever doing this movement.


Max Effort Bench Day

Main exercise- Floor Press

Worked up to 1x245 w/ a 2 secs pause.

Holy crap I love this exercise. First time I’ve ever done a floor press and it is a great movement. It really lets you focus on form since even if you drop the bar, it’s most likely not going to crush you unless you’re fat or huge. I focused on controlling the bar on the way down and exploding on the way up. I didn’t go too heavy, this was a fast and easy single, but I probably could’ve done another 20 or so lbs WITH the pause. Also I didn’t use any leg drive. But since it’s my first time using this movement, I left it at that. I’ll beat it next time I go heavy with it.

Regular bench- 2x15x145. Not bad. Again worked on control.

Lat pull downs- 3x15x120. Squeeze at the bottom, stretch at the top.

Band pushdowns- 4x25x light/medium band

Db shrugs- 3x15x60 lbs with 3 sec pause at the top. THE PAUSE AT THE TOP KILLS YOUR TRAPS. I was pumped with a sissy weight.

OH press- 3x12x Weight that my 5 foot, 100 lbs girlfriend could probably lift. Actually thats a lie, but still. My upper body was done at this point, and even the bar would’ve killed me.

No shoulder pain today. More of a pump than anything, which is great.

Solid day, now off to class.

Haven’t had time to update this due to the holidays/work, but everything going great. I’ll pick up tomorrow with my second “bodybuilding” day of the program.


BB Day

Military Press- 3x10x95 2x8x95


EZ Curl bar curls- The bar with 50 lbs added for 4 sets of 10

Calf raise machine- 5x10x half stack

Face pulls- a lot

Side bends- 80lbs db for 4 sets of 15

Wanted to get some conditioning in, and I’ve never used the rower so I gave it a try. My 500m time was 1:55. Idt thats too good so thats something I’ll need to work on.

Haven’t updated this in awhile…well here ya go.

Lately my upper-body training has been focused on shoulder health and my lower body training has been doing pretty well. I squatted 2x455 the other day pretty easily which is a PR. My max is definitely nearing 500. I haven’t pulled heavy from the ground in awhile (have been using deficit/block pulls) but I do believe my max has gone up a decent amount.

My shoulders been feeling much better due to a rehab device I bought off of elitefts called rotatoreliever. I’m about halfway through with it’s 40 day program. I’ve gained a lot of mobility (ext rotation) and stability since starting it. BUT once I get back to really benching I’m not gonna do what I always do, which is immediately go back to benching with heavy (for me) weights and mediocre form and ruin all the hard work I put into getting my shoulder better.

So here’s my rehab schedule

Next 20 days- continue rotatoreliever use, upper body days will consist of lats, upper back, triceps, biceps and conditioning. Avoiding direct shoulder work/benching for this time period. At most, maybe some push ups. A lot of stretching

After that, one week of this http://www.dieselcrew.com/how-to-shoulder-rehab.

Then I’m going to start benching again, using linear progression and starting at a light ass weight for like, 5 sets of 5. I’m thinking starting somewhere between 135-150 and going up 10 lbs a week (I hit 5x275 off a 2 board recently, that should show how light this weight is for me). All reps will have a slight pause and good form. Assistance work will involve a lot of push ups for serratus strengthening.

If everything goes as planned I’ll be fully back and hopefully better by summer. If not well then it’s time for the knife.

Today’s training was awesome

2" block deadlift- Worked up to an easy 1x505.

WITH A HOOK GRIP. And also I’m weaker from this height than from the floor, so when I actually max out in 3 weeks I’m expecting a big PR. And I still can’t feel my thumbs, but I’m definitely keeping with the hook grip for low reps, and probably using straps for high rep sets. IIt fucking sucks w/ heavy weights to go past 2-3 reps with a hook grip. Only my second week using it so we’ll see if I get used to it.

Leg press- 3x20x 6pps. FEEL DA BURN BRO. 7/10 on the hardness scale

KB swings- I took the heaviest KB I could find (65lbs) and did a lot of swings with it for 3 sets. First time doing these and they’re humbling.

Leg curls- drop sets for 50 total reps. Embarrassing weights because the KB swings wrecked my hamstrings.

TRX ab rollout thingy. Idk if this is what they’re called but whatever. 5x15xbodyweight.