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Gorangers BBB 3-Month Challenge

Started this today for 3 reasons.

A-Trying to gain some mass broz
B-Focus on form for the bench (especially bench) and squat
C-I feel like the best thing for my beat up shoulders is some hypertrophy training and again, making my form better. My shoulders felt great after the pump I got from my press’ today.


Bench 5/3/1-5 day required reps

Oh press-5x10x50% of training max. Semi- difficult but not too bad.

DB rows-5x10xpretty light

pec stretch/curls/pushdowns/face pulls for 3 sets of 10. All with bullshit weights and strict form.

Conditioning- I plan on doing the prowler conditioning on leg days and the walking two miles on upper body days. It got dark and there are some areas of my neighborhood that aren’t that great, so I chose to use the treadmill for it. I know this is the boring but big challenge, but it shouldn’t be the boring and kill yourself from that boredom challenge. After 3 minutes of walking on the treadmill (which was the only one without a working tv) I turned it off, went to a park in a nice area and did it there. I will never make that fucking mistake again, Idk how the cardio broz put up with that.

Might I suggest some extra rotator exercises. 5x10 on OH press and bench raises hell on the shoulders, best to get in some extra shoulder health and mobility at some point during the week. Get hooooge

Thanks man. I usually do 100 band pull aparts a day and a little RC circuit after training, but lately I haven’t been consistent with it. Definitely need to get back on it,

Forgot to type my warm-up. Got it from diesel strength I believe.

band traction (shoulders,pecs,lats), power cage lat stretch, internal/external rotations (15 reps per arm), band pull aparts, push up plus’, elevated push ups.

I’ll post measurements/bodyweight tomorrow.

In…I was very seriously considering doing this program this winter but decided to study up on westside and went that route. Could you describe your recovery methods, training maxes, and long your rest periods are.

Current maxes according to 5/3/1 is press-165- deadlift-530, Bench-255, Squat-460. I’ve hit a higher bench and press than the “current maxes”. Training maxes (rounded) are 150, 480, 230 and 415 (same order as listed before). Rest periods are whenever I feel ready, usually between 2-5 minutes. Recovery will be foam/lax ball rolling, contrast showers and stretching.

Must get to the gym before I get black ops two. fortunately gamestop is across the street from my gym haha.

Day 2 of BBB challenge. Deadlift/squat

Deadlift- 5/3/1 reps with 5x405 being the last set. Felt like I could’ve power cleaned them.

Squats-5x10x210. Idk how to describe this. Muscularly it wasn’t hard, but my heart was beating like mad after. Been awhile since I’ve done squats in the double digits rep range.

Hanging leg raises-5x15xbw

Prowler 10, 40 yard sprints/walks with 90 pounds added.

Taking pics? I guess as far as his templates go this one is mostly geared toward mass gains so it might be worth while to get some pics before you realize “I wish I would have taken pics 12 weeks ago”

I’ll be checking in periodically, should be an interesting log if you put the work in.

Ehh I’m not really one to flex in front of a mirror and take pictures of myself and then post them on a forum lol. I’ll probably add the occasional pic but I’m not gonna go crazy with it. As long as the weight on the scale is increasing, and the measurements (which I still need to post) go up it’s doing it’s job.

Here’s one picture just to get an idea, but I doubt they’ll be much more.

I guess I’ll post my meals so far today. As you can see I’m not a nutritionist.


5 eggs w/ cheddar cheese

Large glass of milk


Some sort of whole grain muffin thing.

Lunch 1-

Hot pocket (pretzel jalapeno chicken. Easily the best flavor out there IMO)

Uno Banana

Peanut Butter (a lot)


Thats all so far.

Soreness today is about 6/10. Mostly in quads and hips. My triceps are still a little sore from mondays session.

Mobility/prehab work today- Foam roll upper/lower, band shoulder dislocations, band pull aparts, t-spine extensions on foam roller, squat 2 stands, hip flexor stretch that I got from california strength.

Rest of the night is going to consist of finishing the shit ton of homework my professors gave me and black ops 2…and eating.

Yeah, I didnt mean weekly pics or anything, but its always nice to have a comparison for beginning and end.

Looking pretty thick in the back though, good base built to work with already.

Thanks man, means a lot.

I’ll probably pick up some Metabolic Drive today. Right now the only supps I’m using are fish oil and multi-vitamins. Which isn’t any different than usual, but I may need some extra protein to recover on this program.

press/high rep bench day was very easy. Same assistance/warm-up as last upper body day. On bench I made a form adjustment that helped tremendously, I just really focused on pulling the bar apart. I made it the main focus and I felt 20x tighter at the bottom of my bench.

Friday was squat day-

Squats- Worked up to an easy 5x350. Felt like I could’ve hit ten.

Deads- 5x10x240. Did all of these with a double overhand grip and got a nice forearm pump. Not really a struggle, but it definitely got the blood pumping.

Ab wheel-5x10xbw

Conditioning- Prowler- 10 sprints with 90 lbs added.

Today felt like shit.

Hopefully tomorrow doesn’t feel like shit.

The 3’s week went by pretty well. A little shoulder pain on the bench day but thats about it. Bench was by far the easiest for the 5x10 reps and I’d say deadlift was the most physically taxing. Also I’m sitting at about 205lbs now. Very busy week this week, next week I’ll keep this updated.


Bench/oh press

Bench-5/3/1 week. Easy, probably could’ve gotten between 3-5 reps on the last set. Shoulder felt like complete ass though. Worst it’s felt in a long time. I think I slept on it wrong today because it felt like it long before training.

OH press- 5x10x50%. Shouldn’t have done this, but couldn’t “fail” the challenge.

Rows- 5 sets of 10 reps.

curls/pushdowns/facepull- 3 sets of 10

Home- 100 face pulls/ext rotation combos.

Going to go back to Joe DeFranco’s upper body warm-up before training. It seems to help the most.

As many of us do, I have a nagging shoulder problem on the left side. What I have started doing is doing the “Shoulder Dislocates” while walking on the treadmill before every workout. 50 reps, takes about 5-10 minutes if you do it at a constant tempo. Its been a great way to hit that pre hab exercise, fill out my log book for what I am going to hit that day, gather my thoughts, and get a bit warmed up because of the walking.

I do a ton of shoulder dislocations but never while walking on a treadmill. I’ll give it a try, but then again I’ve tried everything lol. Sleeper stretch before training is the only thing that gives me decent relief. Idk why I took it out, but it’s going back in.

Everything done yesterday was a post Moes Southwest Grill pr. Got steak nachos with beans, queso, cheddar cheese and jalapenos.

50 mins later

I completed the last deadlift/squat day of the 50% month before the de-load. Everything went nice and smooth, didn’t even rest that long between squat sets. The deadlift single was 455 and went up like nothing (as it should) and the squats were 5x10x205. Not bad considering the gym was playing some terrible fucking house music which seems to make all my lifts go down 10-100%(<—I’ve walked in the gym and left due to the terrible music). Finished it off with some work on the ab wheel, used the prowler for a little and ate a lot. No idea how I didn’t throw up during training from moes, but I’ll take it.

I sprained my ankle pretty badly playing football. I’m on crutches now but only for another day or two. This challenge will have to wait =(.

Lame. Get better fast man, that sucks. The iron will be there when you get back, though