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Just saw this pretty strange Tucker Carlson interview with Matt Gaetz on YouTube.

The terminology used by Gaetz and Carlson had some significant differences (woman vs girl) referring to a 17 Y/O.

I found the explanation of the accusations to be a bit hard to believe (a DOJ scheme to blackmail Gaetz’s family).

I have really only watched this video, but thought it was worth a topic (Gaetz tries to implicate Carlson for example).

He looks like a child diddler. Something about his hair, I think. But the fact that he names the guy he claims is extorting him and says the FBI has tapes…I just don’t know.

I don’t claim to know at this point. He can claim they have tapes, or that he was recorded on a wire (that exonerates him), and that they just won’t release recordings, because those things are almost unfalsifiable.

He could just make up a name in the DOJ if he wants as he is going on the conspiracy angle. If the DOJ comes out and says who is this McGee fellow, he can claim it as part of the conspiracy. Won’t work in court though.

Not all of these things turn out to be true. But the guy sure gives off some guilty vibes in that interview. Maybe his outlandish story is true. Occam’s razor would say it likely isn’t the correct explanation though.

Oh, he’s guilty

Help me out here…

This is all a DOJ scheme? Wasn’t it Bill Barr who opened the investigation?

(I wonder what Liz Cheney is thinking about all this? Gaetz ripped her a BIG one over her support of Trump impeachment…and he traveled to her home State to do it. MAN these guys can sometimes have some big, hypocritical balls…)

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His argument will end up being that 17 year olds can legally consent to sex. I don’t know about the interstate travel part of that though.

(Any idea if he brought her to the anti-Chaney rally? Man…!)

Not in Florida

Holy fuck. This Twitter thread is well worth a read.

He didn’t have sex with her in Florida.

Don’t you see what happens when Trump is out of office. The pedophiles are all on the loose!

But in seriousness that’s a nutty little thread.

Nope. I can’t. I need the last few brain cells still operative, I just can’t stomach the conspiracy theories.

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What’s weird is how effective the defense of these types of things has proven. Trump really showed that if you throw out a bunch of accusations against others while talking about things being plotted against you at least in the court of public opinion you can buy yourself some goodwill.

I say that not only showing how it kept one Teflon for four years but also as I have a friend on Facebook (Trump supporter) who shared something about this saying he’s going to wait but not defend him if he’s guilty. First response was basically verbatim the defense he offered to Tucker.

Apologizing or saying I’m innocent and the evidence will show it is outdated. Attack others, change the subject, or create a boogeyman that’s out to get you.

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Yep. Trump’s the first high profile Republican to figure out what Democrats have known for years: An apology is just an admission of guilt. They’ve known for years that all they had to do was get someone to apologize to win. And racism. The bogeyman that’s always out to get them.

You finally understand why Trump appeals to conservatives.

Conservatives? Trump is not a conservative. He was a Democrat from NYC most of his life.

Trump appeals to victims who want to blame everyone else for them being losers.

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I’m aware

I’m aware

Maybe. Democrats have been attractive to that demographic for years. Every Democrat policy is set up for that demographic.

Only you can put “actual” in front of victims.

You’re right. And we teach kids to do that when guilty. We also expect that out of adults. Trump isn’t one.

Trump appeals to social conservatives by being a thrice divorced porn star banging (and paying off) pussy grabbing dude? But he doesn’t apologize so they like it. He appeals to fiscal conservatives by saying the debt doesn’t matter because we print our own money and then driving up the debt even while in a good economy?

You finally understand why we tell you “conservatives” don’t really exist anymore.

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What you have are anti-liberals who need a steady diet of liberal tears.

Why should any of that matter to anyone, in a government official?

I don’t think that appealed to fiscal conservatives. Was there an option that believed otherwise? You either have to slash spending or drive up taxes to decrease debt. You can’t win an election by slashing spending.

They exist. They just have no way of winning elections, at this point.