GOP Platform: A Better Way

Heard about this website after a radio interview with Paul Ryan. It details the policy plans the GOP has for fixing current issues. Sadly with all the noise of internet memes, chasing pokemon, and Trump’s latest tweet I doubt it will get discussed by the mainstream media, but we can talk about it here. or

I’m just climbing through it now, there are a lot of details… For example, on tax reform. 3 brackets, top at 33%, reworking capital gains tax, 20% corporate tax rate.

Anybody else seen this?

There are about 12 Senators and a hundred or so members of the House that I believe when they bring forward policy. The GOP has had so many opportunities in the past to stop an Obama agenda and they shit themselves when they actually have to vote yes on policy they campaigned on.

Maybe I’m just being cynical, but I’ll believe it when I see it.


I’d be interested to see your list of believable senators lol

Spot on and I’m really tired of it.

I won’t trust anything from a party with Trump as a de facto leader.


I’m with Aragon, I’m curious what Senators and house members you believe and why.

I hear this from people all the time but never with good specifics. Obama had a majority his first two years so he could get whatever legislation he wanted, there was nothing Republicans could do. Once they were put in office, they did stop his agenda and balanced the budget. What instance are you talking about where they did nothing?

Sadly this is where Trump has put the GOP. If you read the link (I don’t think anybody did) there are solid policy proposals that are reasonable, effective, and to the point. Unfortunatly with Trump as the standard bearer all Republicans are branded by him. He hurts any reasonable fiscal conservative platform.

But put the blame where it belongs. The “party” did not choose him and in fact a case can be made that they did just about all they could to stop him. The people chose him…you must blame the millions of people who voted for him in the primaries.

I read the snapshot plan. Coming from a reasonable group of people, I would have thought it was a pretty solid platform; but after the tyranny on the convention floor yesterday, why would one ever expect this party to be a defender of liberty? The RNC committee just made themselves the sole decision maker for the party for the next four years. Nothing’s been done to close the primaries to prevent another fiasco like this year. The Trump campaign and his ilk just took every last bit of power away from the delegates and state leaders that are actually in Cleveland this week to represent us. This is now the party of Reince Priebus et al. They created the Trump movement and were more than content to sit back and allow it to take over. I refuse to be associated with it.

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The party was complicit with it. Mitch McConnell demanding an apology from Cruz? Priebus refusing to work with Ken Cuccinelli last week to close more primaries? There was zero effort by the RNC to collaboratively work with the state delegations to have a true nomination at the convention. It was never “the peoples” choice to begin with. It was the party’s, and they decided on Trump.

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It’s very frustrating and I understand why you don’t want to be associated with Trump, I feel the same.

I was hoping we could talk policy but with Trump at the helm that never happens.

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Wow, are you ever confused on that. The party worked feverishly behind the scenes to prevent a Trump nomination. At first they thought (like all of us) he was a joke and would go away. So, the candidates themselves gave him a free pass…they can be blamed…but who knew? Then once he got rolling there was nothing the party could do. If you think stealing the nomination from him at the convention is a good idea then you are asking for a Hillary landslide you are literally thwarting the peoples choice. Hey…I’d wanted Rubio but the people…THE PEOPLE chose Trump.

Ha ha… have you been living under a rock all your life? When is the last time any election was purely policy? There was name calling and personal attacks as far back as Jefferson and Adams. Yes, Trump is a big mouth blowhard we all get it. But, don’t confuse that with the reality of our political system and how it has been worked by the best for over 200 years.

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I certainly don’t expect the election to be about policy, I meant this thread. Talking about Trump vs. Clinton can be handled in the presidential thread.

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The party had an excellent chance to stop Trump after the Wisconsin primary. Did you see the committee members rallying around Cruz? Was there any push to get Trump to engage in a one-on-one debate? Any major denouncements of the ridiculous things Trump has said over the last few months. The guy accused Cruz’s dad of being involved in the JFK assassination for crying out loud - the day if the Indiana primaries! Which prominent republicans denounced that statement?

I guess you’re still drinking the kool-aid that Trump has a snowball’s chance of beating Hillary. How can a nomination be stolen when no such vote for the nomination has yet taken place? Trump won a majority of preference polls by a plurality of voters with various political affiliations. The rules to nominate a candidate are not established until immediately prior to the National Convention. The RNC steam rolled through the rules meeting and refused to put the rules to a vote amongst the delegates. Deciding instead to add a rule that officially binds delegates to a candidate, a rule that had been included only once in the last 100 years. That time was in 1976 to nominate Ford instead of Reagan. And also a rule to give the RNC absolute discretion to change the rules at any time over the next fours years, entirely as the committee sees fit.

It is the delegates’ job to nominate a candidate and the RNC took this responsibility away from them. Put it to a vote by those that THE PEOPLE chose to vote. Literally any current Republican House or Senate member or Governor would have a better chance than Trump, even after being nominated on the convention floor.

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Dang few threads on pure policy

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Wrong my friend. The people have spoken and we must accept their choice even though it isn’t ours.

By the way just to make it clear I really despise Trump but I despise Hillary even more…Just in case some were not clear on that.

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Ah, so not a conspiracy kook himself, just a bottom feeding amoral troglodyte that would profit off the worst kind of sleaze. Understood.

Here’s where we disagree, but I see no point in debating this until November. Cruz would have had a very difficult time wooing over Trump supporters, but I think that would have had a much higher likelihood than Trump winning. As much as I wanted Cruz, I would not have put forth is name in a floor fight. I’ve been pushing Kasich over the last month. I’m not at all a fan of his, but I do think he would have had the best chance to get broad support in the GOP after dumping Trump. A darkhorse such as Tom Coburn or Allen West would have been good picks as well. Either way, I think you underestimate the number of Trump supporters that would have been supporting any GOP candidate, and overestimate the number of democrats and independents that voted for him to clear the path for Hillary.

You can argue that we should accept the choice, but there was no must. The party is not a democracy, and the primary’s were not binding until the committee declared them so yesterday. The party could have fixed this whole nightmare this week had they any spine.