GOP Longshots

What do people here think of Hagel, Brownback, and Huckabee? All of them are real longshots, probably even moreso as states are moving primaries up and early money becomes even more important. But Hagel’s been one of the best foreign policy voices around, Huckabee lost 105 pounds, admirable in an age where obesity and diabetes are through the roof, and Brownback could benefit from what sounds like serious evangelical dissatisfaction with the available options. Not to mention he’s a real “compassionate conservative” - someone who’s ardently pro-life while also working for prison reform.

Other than McCain, I like these three far more than any other presidential candidate. Are any of them real contenders though?

I think they are all longshots for 2008.

Rudi and McCain are the front runners with an edge to Rudi.

The longshot I’d really like to see make a run for it is Duncan Hunter.

It’s often about money, GDollar…

(HEY! Money…GDollar…oh, well…)

This is supposed to be the first BILLION Dollar (total dollars spent) Presidential Campaign.

With this kind of money, a LOT of voices will not be heard because of the amount of money that has to be raised.


The “Big Four” money raisers appear to be (in order):

  1. Billary

  2. Obama

  3. McCain/Rudi (SLIGHT edge to McCain?)

  4. Romney (Connections and personal wealth)