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GOP Debates


Who else is watching.

And wtf is with Fox trying to ignore Paul and Johnson. Johnson has already called them out over this bullshit.


I like everything Johnson said last night. Never heard of him before, but he was clearly the most sane candidate of the night. I like him, and I hope the republican party can get behind someone like him.


Agreed. Johnson was my favorite out of all of them.


I think Johnson, Paul, and Herman Cain all shined last night.


Johnson is my second pick. I see him as a Calvin Coolidge kind of guy(my favorite president of the past 100 years).


Perhaps FOX understands his chances of winning and doesn't want to waist air time? Just a guess.

Look all poking at Paul aside, not one of those candidates on stage last night will become President. I kind of looked at that debate as an audition for the VP slot.


Which is a shame when the cover stories say the "big hitters" aka, Romney, Trump, Palin, Gingrich all decided to forgo attendance. All of the "big hitters" are also fucking morons to the highest degree possible.

Johnson does seem more electable than Paul and shares many of his views.

Santorum can suck a fat dick. He was worthless as a senator and he wouldnt even get the support of his home state.


It does say something about the current stage when the "big news" is not who showed up but rather who didn't.

If they didn't attend then what does that say...they don't care about voters or they don't have any real intention to run?

And yet Fox sees it as worthy to keep talking about their anointed few....sigh.


Hey Zeb you see the new Drudge poll?


A Ron Paul/Johnson ticket or vice versa would be a winning combination.

And I agree Santorum can suck a fat dick.

I went back and watched the debate a second time and damn was herman cain nothing but talking points. I take back every nice thing I said about that guy.


Ron Paul's poll numbers have been on a rise and they are going to try there very best to keep him sounding like he is not in the running(he is). so far the break down is 16% huckabee 14% Trump 13% Romney 11% Sarah Palin(LO FUCKING L) 10% Ron Paul 10% Newt Gingrich and the rest are below 5%.

Did you see the "Randomly" selected group on Hannity? He should be run off Fox for that stunt.


I would have to say that Obama (and whomever he runs with presumably he dumps Biden) beats paul/Johnson by the single largest landslide in Presidential history. It will make the Johnson/Goldwater and Reagan/Mondale elections look like squeakers. But we'll never know because Ron Paul is going to be last or very close to last by convention time.

John, please wake up. Why is it that you are sharp on other topics? I guess you just have a Ron Paul blind spot.

It's starting to pain me to type these posts. But (deep breath) I trudge on :slight_smile:


Latest drudge/cnn poll has Paul the closest to beating Obama.


What the hell does anyone see in Johnson? To me, he was a stumbling weakling with a passive presence.

The whole time he was just sheepish whiner as far as I'm concerned and not worthy.

my take:

1st- Paul
2nd- Cain
3rd- Santorum
4th- Pawlentry
5th- Johnson

Ron is growing on me. He does still seem weak in presence, but I loved what he said. I have never heard so much constitutional hard line, identifying what States should do Vs Feds.


Its a simple concept, right? Stick to the Constitution. Imagine how small the federal government would have to shrink though. I think that is what scares people most about Paul.

He wants to shrink government and he will actually do it rather than talk about doing it.


I think it shows FAUX news is not a real news source . They want to control rather than report


This event was a goat screw. It's timing was poor, and it only included has-beens/nobodies and Tim Pawlenty, who by virtue of attending and underwhelming, may have unintentionally moved himself into the former category.



There's nothing there that I disagree with. But I do agree with you that he seemed a bit timid during the debate. I don't think that should bar a candidate with great ideas from becoming the leader of the country.

The GOP needs more people like him in the party.


The GOP needs someone with youth, charisma, great speaking ability and executive leadership experience --All three. No one showed up in the recent GOP debates with those attributes. Having not been too familiar with Pawlenty I was very disappointed.


You want to hear some more bullshit, Fox ran the Poll three times till they got Herman Cain winning. Talk about some bullshit.