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Google's Declaration of War on Transgendered Community




Where is the stupid thread??


Right. Google search celebrates Nettie Stevens discovering XY chromosomes. Wow. Didn’t expect that kind of hate from Google. XY? Doesn’t Google realize that XX and XY chromosomes are transphobic constructs of the patriarchy and are oppressive to women?


This kind of satire will always be hit or miss. Without knowing the author it is hard to say whether it’s a bit of fun or someone has something stuck in his craw


Ya, I assumed satire, but didn’t read much of it…


The author of the article “Al Jolson in Blackface” is Douglas Wilson. But I think who wrote it is irrelevant. Good satire is good satire, regardless.

I do not blanket-endorse Douglas Wilson anymore than I blanket-endorse G.K. Chesterton, George Orwell, or H.L. Mencken. And yet all of these men write great satire, whether or not they have something stuck in their craw.


No one is offended by the fact that there is the XX or XY chromosomes, which is the starting idea for this blog and the satire.

You summarized the typical dumbass argument that a chromosome is entirely responsible for all of the incredibly complex processes in the body that in the end construct gender identity and that nothing else can affect it.

It’s just the idiotic ‘‘men are men and women are women’’ argument with a small layer of bullshit on it.

Lame blog.