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What has happened to Google? It’s a crap search engine now and refers me elsewhere.

works for me.

Me 2

What do you mean by “refers you elsewhere?” I haven’t noticed anything wrong with Google.

Hasn’t changed, still works, but there are alternatives.



mine wont even fucking load up

Dude, it’s working just fine. I just used the shit to look up “Thunder”. It works fine.

I have the exact same friggin problem. Not only does Google not load up for me, but Yahoo won’t let me search for anything, but I can go to the main page. I sent a question to the tech help guys, and they told me that I might have that “QHost” virus, so I downloaded the removal tool and it didn’t do crap. Then I downloaded the patch from Microsoft and that didn’t work either. My next step is to re-install my browser and see how that works.


Well then, I apologize for offending his noisiness. Please forgive me.


I had the Q-host virus, couldn’t get any search engines at all.

Had to call McAfee (my Anti-virus software) to fix it. (thought they would “prevent” it, but whatchagonna do )

I really hate how the integrated search in IE works now. It is quite useless. I use Google most of the time.

My parents have that problem too. Let me know if you figure out how to fix it. Not being able to search from yahoo and not even loading google.

I had the same problem, but it was taken care of when I added more memory to my computer. Not really sure how, I couldn’t get Google before I took it in, and then I could. And no, I did not tkae it in just because I couldn’t load search engines.

I had this problem as well. You have a virus. Fix the problem by:

  1. Searching for all files called ‘hosts’
  2. Delete these files.


Google rocks. The key is actually checking out more than just page one…

Joshman you rock. It worked, everything is back on track.

Don’t do the joshman fix. There are more than one or two “hosts” files and some are actually important.