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Google Sucks


So, my brand new Google wont let me see sites in English, or maybe it will, but only on the third page or so.

Apparently, living in Vienna I have no business searching the world wide web , let alone in English.

Good riddance Google and fuck you too.

I haz a new search engine and I lovez the free market sooooo much....


Shouldn't be any different in Austria than everywhere else. Google.com in English? Should be on the homepage.



They wont let me go to Google.com....

I kid you not....

It automatically changes to Google.at...

Right now I am using this:


...but I am open to suggestions regarding other search engines that do not treat me like a five year old.


Have you tried using http://www.google.com/webhp and just setting that to your homepage ?


Set your homepage to www.google.com/ncr


Phew, better, thanks...

That seems to work...for now....


No probs. I can understand your annoyance to be honest. I often just type Google (or whatever) directly into the address bar and then hit Ctrl+Enter (or Alt+Enter for .co.uk) to force it to fill in the rest of the url details which I wouldn't be able to do using webhp. But at the very least you're forcing it to search the web!


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