Google Pac-Man

This is really neat, if you go to Google and you see the cute Pac Man theme they’ve got, you can click “Insert Coin” and actually play!
I’d seen the Pac Man themed home page for a couple of days…but I didn’t know you could play it!
Sorry if it’s old news

Are you banging mass amounts of Asian tail?

I personally am and I cant handle it.

if you hit insert coin twice, 2 people can play (one with wasd and one with arrows), or play with both characters by yourself lol

I did see that. I almost got excited, until I remembered how much Pac-Man blows. :frowning:

Gone now. :frowning:

It is one of those things where you think it’s cool, then yeah, a minute and a half later you stop.

I do, in fact, have this album on vinyl.

It’s now going to be a semi-permanent thing, for those who missed it!