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Google+. New Rival to Facebook, but Better




Thank god. I want facebook to burn.






Another company to harvest your information.


Its the lesser of 2 evils.


Anybody remember Google Wave? What happened to it?

Anway, even if Google+ has some advantages, what's to stop Facebook from adopting the better features for their own site? That'd pretty much end any threat I would imagine--people would have no reason to join Google+, but then again I don't know much about this kind of stuff and I may have overlooked stuff.


I think its going to grow,maybe slowly but it'll take root. People thought the same thing about Myspace when it competed over Friendster. Facebook is making so many changes to appeal to the masses that it really changed what it was originally meant to be. It used to be only for college students but now everybodi has one. Also,the fact that your family can go on it and so can your bosses and coworkers and they add you really makes alot of users dislike FB. The idea of a "circle" is pretty cool.


Well, people are getting sick of FB like they got sick of MS and whatever there was before that.

Of course they'll join this one. Its new and shiny.

Facebook isn't going anywhere but it might take a step back to G+. If only for noveltys sake.

FB was better when it was student oriented.....


Yay, let's give Google even more power!! How about inviting them home to fuck your sister, too?


Agreed. G+ may bring new ideas(at in social networking) but there is too much invested into FB. We all know those who spend every damn hour on that site.


The way I see it, the social media market is somewhat difficult to break into .. with an innovative company like google breaking (back) into will yield great results for the end consumer. It'll create better products from the better companies, plus the market will have more choice, and more choice usually means I get to shop around and look for what's best for me!

Plus I like a lot of what google brings to the table and I like their "20%" policy, where their developers and other employees are allowed to work on their own projects for 20% of the time they're on the clock. Google's an awesome company and I look forward to their Google+ as well as their Google Music to challenge ITunes for supremacy. The other legitimate (read: legal) digital music/media outlet I can think of for personal purchase is Rhapsody and they ain't shit compared to ITunes.


I just cant see any other corp or business matching up with Itunes. But hell they said that about Myspace.


When I got my Droid I had a hard time choosing which gmail account I wanted to use, lol...

Fuckers know everything about me, even the cock shots I sent my wife...


Since I don't use facebook because it's "cool" but because it's for me, a neat and tidy way to message friends and family and share my pics and see other people's pics and news, then I have no need of a new one.

And I've never had some problem where facebook knows my secrets. All they know is I have dogs and like Star Trek. Oh, and my birthday. Who gives a shit?


How is it exactly better? I'm still quite new to Facebook...and I don't really like it. I just have it so I can talk with some people (they are lazy to write by mail, but by FB is fine) and keep track of some events.

But I doubt those people with 800+ friends and 500 pictures will do the move...unless there's some kind of way to import contacts.


I'm not sure.. you can already group your friends in Facebook if i remember correctly.

This may or may not take off, I know Google Wave simply went away - but then I'm yet to find one person who knew what the point of it was.


They should ban all people over 40 from Facebook.

Honestly, to my friend's mum: I don't give a shit about your opinion to what I did over the weekend. I should just tell my friend that his mum is a MILF but I bet he already knows that.


This is true... I wonder how this will pan out.


I guess I can understand young people that haven't already started on facebook could choose this new one.