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1760 south west 66th street, miami fl

zoom in on street view


What, was she naked or something before being blurred out?


Don't see anything interesting, just someone blurred out. Can't even tell if they were naked might just be a guy with his shirt off or something and they always blur people out on their own properties.


Shitz awesome - do I need a visa?




Heh, I posted that in threadkiller last week before they blurred her out.


I still see it BTW, did you try zooming in?


Why not save and post it for the rest of us Mr. Festivus.


Man, 66th is kind of a shithole.


I'm @ work, not worth losing my job over that otherwise I would! :slight_smile:


Me too - Damn having to work for a living. Why can't we just find hot suga mommas?


You'll find some links in here on tumblr.com http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/google-maps?before=1315606716 They don't lead to the clearest shots but you get the idea.


Well, she looks comfortable.

I personally think walking outside should be allowed if you are in decent shape.

There should be a weight/waist limit though.

Like, "stay in the house if you can't fit in a Burger king booth".


I like the idea of a limit. Though fitting in a Burger King booth gives quite a bit of leeway...I'm not sure I want to see someone who "just barely fits". shudder


I know...I'm going to get called a fat-ist. They're going to issue a fat-wah on me...


agreed - nudity should be encouraged amongst the nude worthy crowd. all other nakedness should be outlawed and punished.

btw - my Avi looks like PX's~ kinda