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Google.com search

Found an interesting search feature on google.com

enter “weapons of mass destruction”

then click the “I’m feeling lucky” button thats next to the search button.

guess US=GG was right all along… :slight_smile:

Holy shit that was funny. At first, I got mad and thought that error page was up, but then I saw it for real.

Enjoy your false sense of “security” while it lasts kuri. You had better take your shots now. I’m going to enjoy watching you squirm. By the way, I have been right all along.


“Who’s there?”

“Weapons of Mass Destruction”

“So THAT’S where you are!”

Do a Google search on Iraq War “exit strategy”, your search will probably return nothing.

US=GG…I was trying to PM you…I guess you disabled that or something. I was going to ask you about this google search thing. I typed in the weapons thing and saw the page that came up. What was your point in your original comments about this?..I can’t find the original post you made about this.
I am a Captain in the AF reserves. Any info would be welcome!


 That page has been up for how long now? I thought everybody had already seen it.

Maybe I found the wrong page because I didn’t find anything funny there?

I’m with Arcane. All I got was something about Monterey Institute of International Studies. If you guys think this is funny then theres somethin really wrong.

It shows the “Page cannot be displayed” page, but with different words on it. It says something like “Weapons of mass Destruction cannot be displayed” etc. It is pretty funny.

You should try the same thing with “french military victories” in the search field. There are a couple of other funny ones that I can’t remember off the top of my head. . .


For those of you who tried this and didn’t get something funny, its because it see,s the funny page is gone. For those who didn’t know, today was some kind of “hacker day” - so I’m guessing that some hacker hijacked the normal site and put that funny page cannot be found spoof there instead. It is now apparenly back to normal however (hence the reason later viewers are wondering whats so funny).

I didn’t make the original post. This is just kuri making noise. He knows when we find the weapons, his whole premise will be proven completely wrong. He isn’t satisfied that we have removed a supporter of terrorism ($36,000 to the families of palestinian suicide bombers) and an avowed enemy of the United States (pictures of 911 in his private residences). He thinks that hans blix and his anti-United States cronies could have found the wmd’s. The truth is: blix and the boys couldn’t find anything that they weren’t led directly to by the Iraqi’s. Mark my words, saddam dies, and the weapons appear. I have spoken to a friend of mine who happens to be an Iraqi-ex patriot. She says the fear of saddam is unbelievably powerful. She says, find the dirtbag, and people will come out of the woodwork with the information about the weapons. WHEN that happens, I’m going to have a nice quiet discussion with kuri, lumpy, restless, iscariot, and the rest of the bad people. It will be fun.

I just tried the google search and its STILL working.
enter “weapons of mass destruction”

you need to click on the “I’m feeling lucky” button, not the search function.

then read the page carefully.

I especially like the Donald Rumsfeld bit at the bottom.

US=GG: have a beer and relax or your gonna get an ulcer.

This web site made the news:

You don’t even raise my blood pressure 1 unit of mercury. By the way, anxiety/anger does not lead to ulcers. I would educate you on the real causes, but your mind is a vacuum. I’ll stick with countering your political arguments. One topic at a time is more than enough for you to handle.


US=GG, you are, in my opnion, the undisputed master of denial in the T-forums. Congratulations.

Its still up, good one