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Google Cars


Google is now experimenting with cars which drive themselves in traffic. Fucking awesome if they can pull it off. The claim that their cars have driven several thousands of miles including CA-1 and busy streets like Lombard st in SF.

It would be cool if I can just sit and read stuff (or post more random shit like this) while my car negotiates the annoying rush hour traffic!


Or.. just maybe.. I'd drive my own fucking car. I hate all these new cars which parallel park themselves etc.. it just brings upon worse and worse drivers. People don't know how to drive fucking cars now a days. I shouldn't be the one complaining about this shit either I'm 21.


Think how easy it would be to cause mass chaos though if A the navigation maps were ever hacked and B if the car's software was ever hacked. I am very impressed with the technology but it is a bit to Skynet for me.


Yeah, because people are always so fucking competent. I mean, hell, they never get drunk or sleepy or pay less attention than needed or anything. Most Americans are PERFECT fucking drivers who never hit a thing or person, right?

You might be a competent driver, and I know I'm a damn good driver too, but I trust a calculator to be a safer driver than most people in the tristate area. People are no more reliable than a calculator, you technophobe. You realize airplanes damn near fly themselves, right?


Technophobe? I'm an studying engineer... The reason people suck at driving is because we dropped our standards to shit.. and give a licence to anyone that shows up.. Why do you think they make cars that can parallel park themselves.. because the avg american thinks its to hard because they were never forced to learn how.

A plane and a car are not even comparable in the slightest. Also no technology is flawless(remember toyota last year)... it will glitch.. or get bypassed/hacked like the other poster said. but I wasn't going that far into the future.


We have drones that can locate you and kill you with missiles from the goddamn sky and you are afraid that self-driving cars are a bit too Skynet?


The cars are taking over! It's like Christine, except worse.

But cerealy, the whole Minority Report traffic thing would be awesome, but we'd have to avoid completely fucking it up, and giving up, for decades before we could get there. I like driving myself generally, but it'd be cool if there were automatic lanes for long distances.


I "hack" my neighbors ABS system all the time. Its so easy, I just open my laptop and "hack" into wired components - and I'm glad you're "an studying engineer." Are you mad theres a Benz out there that will try to prevent you from hitting another car, too? I mean, these days fires near start themselves thanks to phosphorus - do you think its letting the weak survive, that only the strong who can use flint and steel should be able to get by?
World moves on man, parallel parking isn't a skill you need to have mastered to have offspring.


I wasn't the one making the hacking point... that's why I said that's far in the future if anything as far as all the cars drive themselves etc..(even if they were joking its not hard to bypass the systems of these newer fully electronic cars..). And I said a studying engineer because it will be 3 more years before I get my stamp(hopefully :-)) and for that reason I don't consider myself one.

I grew up in an automotive repair shop.. I've seen a lot of stupid come through there.. I'm sorry, maybe I'm different then you guys but I don't like lazy.. and a car that parallel parks themselves takes one lazy ass driver. A car that has to stop itself, takes someone that shouldn't be driving in the first place. When I go over seas to visit my family.. I see 90% of the population breaking traffic laws, and driving like crazy and all over the place.. buti see far fewer accident.

I don't like the newer cars... That's it.. I still drive my 1980 cj5 the majority of the time.


Cool. Now I can sleep on the drive to my destination.


Driving--especially recklessly when you are also skilled at it--is one of the great joys of life. I am sorry you and your generation are going to miss out on it.


I am completely for an automatic car - a well-designed, rigorously-tested one with several redundant safety measures put in place. Automobile accidents are one of the biggest non-illness related causes of death, and they mostly stem from human error and flat out stupidity. Most people need a way to commute into major metropolitan areas for work, yet many lack the basic spatial awareness and common sense to be allowed to drive (yes, I realize buses and trains exist, but they aren't always reliable).

I don't think a single person on earth truly enjoys commuting, and the stress it causes hurts productivity at work. These cars could be part of the solution.

I've heard two proposals for organizing such a system. The first would be individual ownership of the cars, similar to how it is today. In this case, mandatory maintenance every x months would be essential. The second proposal involves communal cars. You'd go to a "car bank" in the suburbs, wait in line to get into your car, and pay based on how many occupants you can carpool with. You'd do the same thing on the way home. Essentially they'd be like driverless taxis.

Technologically, I don't think we'll be there for another 30 years. The AI would have to get much better, and there are so many variables to account for while driving (ice, wind, cow wandering onto freeway, etc).


Hey, it might be kind of fun to drive a gleaming alloy aircar, two lanes wide!


I'm one--as long as the traffic is at least moving a little and its not too much more than an hour. I work from home right now, which is great, but I do miss the "me time" in the car with a stereo that fucking rocks, that I can listen to at whatever volume I fucking want. It also helps having a car that you love driving. My favorite was an Audi S-4 that I had modded into a rocket ship with about 8k into the stereo. Man, I miss that car.


Have you or anyone you have ever known ever gotten a computer virus? What makes you think that if everyone in America had an autonomous car which has to get its maps and software updates from somewhere that it would not be subject to the similar vulnerabilities. While I am aware that such drones exist I do not know any civilians who personally own and are responsible for maintaining their software.


I suppose it depends where you live. I used to have to commute into Toronto, which I believe is considered the 4th worst commute in the entire world (seriously! you wouldn't think so). A good number of people spend over 4 hours a day in their cars, just getting to and from work.


Theoretically, though, if all cars are automated, traffic will move significantly smoother/more efficiently, so that's something to consider beyond just "I don't have to pay attention!"


Because for the most part viruses are written to either

A) Make money, or much more likely
B) By some cock who wants to because he's bored

When the direct consequence is killing someone, I think you'll find that 'hacking a car' won't be as popular as you think.

I'd rather take the risk of an occasional aberration in a fleet of otherwise perfect cars than what we have today, which is the risk of an occasional aberration in a fleet of cars that are driven by idiots. Here's a proposal. Make it insanely hard to get a driver's license (test wise, not red tape wise), but if you have one you can drive your car manually. If you don't have a new driver's license, you can only have a car on automatic.

"But what if someone hacks this system," you cry. Well then you fuck them with the law, because removing traffic cops because we have awesome robocars will probably free up some resources.


Who needs robocars when you have quadrotor drones?

While your logic is flawed at best, I can see that you are much more worked up about this than I. So I will let the argument drop. However I am glad to know that there are no longer people in the world who want to kill other people. I can rest safely now.