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Google Aims to Own You



Still want that shiny Google+ account?


Cliff Notes, I don't feel like reading.


What am I missing? How is this different from what facebook is already doing?


Some higher up at google, said Google+ intends on enforcing the real name issue to cut down on 'trolling' and pundits and other associated people have blown it way out of proportion, saying google wants to own your online identity, when in fact they don't.


Facebook doesn't own a serach engine, a browser, or Youtube. Google can basically collect all your internet activity and Google+ will be the thing that puts your real name on that data. Have you ever Googled something slightly shady? Would you be nervous if the Feds went to Google for that info?

Goodbye internet anonymity.

I just wanted to add that I don't think the internet is doomed as we know it...at least not yet. I just think it's interesting that a huge company like Google would admit something like this.


I don't even know what Google+ is so I don't think I have to worry about that.


You know your ISP(probably your phone provider too for us browse on the go people, that I'm not so sure about though) already has all of that info too unless you are doing things to prevent it(you probably aren't).


Reasons not to use Gmail: Did you know that Google scans all your incoming/outgoing mail for keywords to target you with advertising?


They offer so many good things...and the money to pay that needs to come from somewhere, no?

I use google systems at work...and it'd certainly be much harder if we didn't have it.

They don't hide that fact either : http://mail.google.com/support/bin/answer.py?answer=6603


Yeah, no thanks.


Freedom is overrated anyways -


Really the Feds are probably the least worry in this regards, more like internet hackers and stealing your identity is more of the concern.


Actually I can see your concern. Imagine that they start to sell this information to whoever who may be interested. All your posts in forums, online newspapers, etc. would be available.

"Ah, so in February of 2009 he said that..."


I've always thought that Google, Wal-Mart, and the NRA were the most powerful forces in America. This unholy triumvirate rules us all and makes our decisions for us! Makes life kind of simple, though, huh?


Not to take away from your point or that it is right or wrong but I already assume I don't have anonymity. If I want to google something shady I use proxies and stuff :slight_smile:


How many people do you think use proxies let alone know what a proxy is?


I'm sure few but that wasn't my point anyhow. My point was there is no anominity anyone.


I can see how you could say that but why would you volunteer more personal information than you have to? Especially when it can be used in a "bank" of information that probably will be sold to the highest bidder or make it easier to steal your identity?


That's exactly it. I don't have any Google accounts whatsoever, and I'll happily pay for a private non-advertized service instead.