I was trying to do arch-backed goodmornings today and some guy came up and told me I was doing them wrong. First, he told me he was a national track star (???), then he told me that goodmornings should be done with a straight leg, without throwing the hips back. Is this guy full of shit?

I’m fairly new to good mornings, so it’s quite possible I made a few technique mistakes in not keeping my arch enough at the bottom, but when I was shown how to do a good morning it was by throwing the hips back.

no he is full of shit the hips will move back in the arch back gm and you will have a slight bend in the

there’s 1 million ways to do the gm’s, i fucking hate people who come up and say shit especially this one: ‘hey thats dangerous’

as for straight leg etc, you can do them straight leg arched back (or rounded), bent leg arched back (or rounded) etc, even do them seated and all kinds of crazy things

i never did any rounded ones, but anyway, punch trackstar in the mouth :slight_smile:

dont follow these people’s advise in front of them so that they will go away, it just ruins your whole workout, and most of the time they have no idea what they are talking about. “suppinate your palms on that db bench press dude, come on bro you’ll feel an amazing pump in your lower pec”, next time im going to be like: “FUC OFF NIGGA!@)$(! SLAP, rick james bitch”

ok sorry for venting :)) ) ) ) ))


iamnobody is as right as they get, whack that fuck in the head with a 45 pound plate.

How low do you guys go on your good mornings? I have heard it is a great assistant squat exercise, but I don’t know whether to go low or heavy.

go heavy and low at the same time…bm

i’m a huge fan of gm’s…tell that guy to kiss your ass…if u really want advise check westside barbell(louie simmons) or joe defranco…

the best way that i have found is to do good mornings is in a power rack or suspended with chains. start high and work yourself down low one pin at a time. start with 135-once you can get to around parallel start adding weight. you should be able to do AT LEAST 60% of your max squat this way. the key is pushing the hips Back-not bending at the waist!

please remember that there is no really “right way” to do the exercise. like the previous poster stated, it all depends upon your goal for the exercise. for boosting your squat, your technique sounds fine. this “track star” is obviously not a good teacher. any time i approach any person in my gym who i want to help, i always ask them what they are doing first, why they are doing it, and why they are performing it with the technique that they are using, cause what they hell do i know, maybe they were coached differently or are going after some other goal that i am not aware of. this “track star” sounds kind of dumb to assume that he knows exactly what you need to do and that there is only “one way to do it”. sounds alot like a mike mentzerism.

R&R, I’m in Calgary. Where are you in ALberta. What gym did this happen in? I like to keep stats on this sort of thing so I know what locations to avoid at all costs. So far I have had bad experiences in about 10 of 10 Calgary gyms I have been in. Let me guess, this guy was about 150 lbs, 6", right?