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Goodfellow's Log

I spend lots of time on this site but never seem to post anything, so it’s time for a log.

Going to incorporate some plans into my training for now, I did it a few months ago and it worked well but seemed to fizzle out.

I’ll alternate between three rep ranges, 4-6/7-9/10-12 all for 3 sets, Do some warm ups, hit the rep range to failure on the first set, then drop weight on the consecutive sets to make the rep range. For legs, I’ll be doing a rep range of 6-8/9-11/12-14

Split: Chest/Back/Shoulders/Arms/Legs/OFF/RPEAT

For cardio, car sprints 4-5x a week

Might as well write myself up a diet plan too.

Edit - waste of time.

6 meals a day, carbs/protein/low fat with each one. I might have a 7th if I have time left with a protein shake/olive oil

protein sources: eggs, egg whites, steak, fish, chicken, protein shake

carb sources: oatmeal, brown rice, sweet potato, oatmeal, fruit, veg

chest today and i woke up late so im behind on everything


2 hour pre-workout meal:
woke up late so skipped it

60g peptopro

bb bench
275 x 8
225 x 10

hs incline:
4 plates a side x 5, blah
2.5 plates a side x 12

cybex chest machine

db inc flyes

4pm now about to have my first steak

Todays workout was light/low volume because I feel fucked.

Rack pulls
135 x 15
225 x 10 (double overhand)
275 x 10 (double overhand)
315 x 8 (straps)
365 x 7 (straps)

DB rows
60 x 15
80 x 12
100 x 10
115 x 7
135 x 15 (straps)

Lat pulldown
4-5 x 8-15, i’m using a much more stricter form on this so the weights im using on it is quite a bit lighter than normal (e.g. #14 vs #17-18)

nutrient breakdown of the foods im eating for future reference:

1oz steak - 7-8g protein, 2-3g fat
1oz salmon - 7g protein, 3-4g fat
1oz tuna - 7g protein, 0.5g fat
1oz chicken - 8-9g protein, 1g fat
1 whole egg - 6g protein, 5g fat
1 egg white - 3-4g protein, trace fat
1 scoop protein shake - 19g protein

1 cup brown rice - 45-46g carbs
1 medium sweet potato - 26-27g carbs
1 cup oatmeal - 54g carbs
250ml innocent smoothie ‘goji berry’ - 26-27g carbs

Shoulders today, woke up at 1pm, i need to start getting up at fucking 6-8 damnit

Seated BB OH press 3x7-9
185 x 7
165 x 8
155 x 8

Face pulls

DB lateral raises
3x8 45lbs

BB shrugs
135 x 12
225 x 12
315 x 12
405 x 12
465 x 9
315 x 20

I’m going to alter my training slightly, I’ll still be training 6x a week but I want to focus on more strength-orientated movements.

I.e More OH pressing - standing/no back support with logs/fat bars/regular bars, say 2-3 pressing movements per session instead of 1.

Less isolation movements - i.e - instead of cable preacher curls ill be doing barbell curls/db curls/hammer curls, lateral raises are still a neccessity though

More grit and guts for back training. Higher volume of rack pulls/deadlifts will be on the same day as squats for more frequency/push the envelope a bit more on DB rows and put more time into them, spend perhaps a bit less time with cable movements such as lat pulldown.

No more machines/cables for triceps on arm day, instead they will be replaced with pin presses/floor presses/cg presses/weighted dips.

For legs… no leg extensions/leg presses. Leg curls will have to stay in because that movement can’t be replaced…

Squats/Trap bar deadlifts/Deadlifts/Stiff leg deadlifts/glute ham raises/back extensions/Bulgarian squats

I will probably want to add in forearm work somewhere, I’ll do this with thick bar double overhand deadlifts/rack pulls and high rep DB rows without straps.

Cardio will be car pushing 2x a week, abs will be done on arm day

[u]delts/arms/legs/chest/back/off/repeat will be my new split[/u]. Almost the same but I have my day off before shoulders instead of chest, so I can get stronger on overhead movements.

Today didn’t go very well had to cut it short due to some arrangements

CG press from pins
135 x 10
185 x 8
225 x 5
245 x 5
275 x 1 (wtf c’mon)
225 x 6

BB curls
45 x 10
65 x 10
95 x 8
115 x 6
135 x 4 (uuurgghhh)
95 x 12

bw x 12
bw + 25 x 12
bw + 45 x 12

DB curls
some light bullshit.

Spoke to a 6’4 360lb guy who is 24 been training for 5 years with geoff capes… made me feel like a child, so depressing.

Legs today

135 x 10
135 x 6
185 x 6
225 x 5
275 x 5
315 x 4 (straps on)
335 x 5 (straps + belt) felt quite easy

135 x 10
185 x 8
225 x 5
275 x 10
300 x 5

Front squats (never done this before)
95lb x 8
95lb x 10
135 x 6
185 x 3
185 x 4

Chest today, had a cold, felt kinda shitty

Thick bar bench press from pins, 2-3" off chest

135 x 8
185 x 8
225 x 6
275 x 5
315 x 3 (happy with that)

Regular bench press

135 x 6
185 x 6
225 x 5
275 x 3 (not happy with that…)
225 x 7

Incline DB press
45lb x 10
80lb x 8
95lb x 6
105lb x 5

Machine press
#12/#20 x 12
#15/#20 x 10
#17/#20 x 8
#20 x 6 + #11 x 8

Face pulls

Idea was to ‘prime my CNS’ using the bench from pins, but I got a bit too carried away and went too heavy. Fatigue set in quickly because I’m a bit sick so I couldn’t use as much weight on the later exercises.

Side note:
Met a fucking nutcase at the gym who told me the reason for my cold was because the government keeps releasing swine flu into the air so they can make money off flu tablets… And before that he almost fucking tore my rotator cuff trying to spot me, total idiot.

Nice log dude. lol at the guy talking about government conspiracies and flu.

Nice log dude. lol at the guy talking about government conspiracies and flu.

Thanks man, I think i’ll be avoiding that guy in the future =p

I was going to train back, but no lifting today, feeling pretty bad today, should be ok tomorrow or the day after, but anyways I decided to go push my car for half an hour.

100-150 yard sprints pushing my car, managed 10 sprints today before I felt like I was going to have a heart attack.

I got a pretty cool routine with this by the way, the car park is at a slight incline, so I’m pushing it one way slightly uphill, then I push it from the front and sprint a lot faster going back down.

My goal for this is to build up to 40 sprints total.

Holy balls I feel like ass today, dragged myself to the gym with a splitting headache.

cable rows, 5x12-10
hs pulldown, worked up to 135lb a side for 10
hs row, 4 sets of 90lb a side for 12
close grip pulldown, 4x12-8

just going through the motions, in and out in 45 minutes, feeling slightly better.

car sprints was a bad idea.

I also haven’t followed my diet plan once and I haven’t eaten nearly enough, being too specific with my diet has never worked.

Feeling a bit better today, once I get these exams out of the way I’ll be able to start making some big gains again because i won’t be as stressed out.

Anyways, shoulders:

Log pressing (never done this before, should progress on it quite quickly):
reset each rep on the ground.
110lb: 4x5
135lb: 3x5
extra fat 160lb log: no dice
135lb: 2x5
110lb: 1x8

Seated DB press:
25lb x 20
45lb x 15
70lb x 10

Seated BB press:
95lb x 12
95lb x 10
110lb x 12
135lb x 10

Face pulls/rear delts
6-7 x 12-15

arms today

BB curl
125lb x 7
120lb x 7
115lb x 8

RG incline smith bench
worked up to 275 for an easy 6

Hammer curls
60lb x 8
60lb x 5
50lb x 10

Tricep pushdown
200lb x 12
225lb x 6 + 135lb x 10

cable preacher curls
#12 x 8 + shit load of drop sets

machine tricep extension

day off yesterday, stayed up till 3am the night before finishing my coursework, didn’t wake up till 2pm, anyways…

legs today

135, 3 sets of 5
225, 2 sets of 5
300 x 5
365 x 5

Back squats
95 x 10
135 x 10
185 x 10
225 x 6
275 x 5
300 x 8 (got bad phlegm build up after this, and I threw up trying to clear my throat… I lost half of my banana sandwhich =(… )

Front squats
95 x 5
135 x 5
185 x 4
200 x 4
135 x 8
135 x 5

Doing deadlifts before squats isn’t as bad as I thought, infact the movement of the deadlifts puts me in the movement pattern of sitting back and staying upright during my squats.


db flat press
45lb x 10
80lb x 10
95lb x 8
110lb x 7
120lb x 4

db incline
45lb x 10
60lb x 8
80lb x 8
100lb x 7

chest press machine
4 x 8-12

more car sprints today.

Managed 10, had some pretty good DOMS from yesterdays session which made it even more painful.


Rack pulls
sets of 135 for warm ups
225 x 8
275 x 8
315 x 8 (using straps now)
365 x 6
405 x 6
455 x 2

DB rows
80 x 10
100 x 10
115 x 6 (no straps)
135 x 10 (straps)
150 x 6 (straps)

Lat pulldown
4 x 8-15 not going heavy just using very strict form and getting a good stretch/contraction on my lats each rep.

Seated cable row neutral grip
3 x 8-10

got to gym very late yesterday, took a while for my anaesthetic to wear off from the dentist

warm ups
incline db curls
DB pressing, mimicking a log press

Log pressing
110lb x 1
110lb x 2
110lb x 3
110lb x 5
135lb x 5
155lb x 1
155lb x 1
155lb x 1
110lb x 11

Seated DB press
40lb x 10
55lb x 10
65lb x 10
80lb x 7 (by no means anywhere near what i can usually do)

Standing DB clean & press, neutral grip
40lb x 11
40lb x 9
40lb x 8