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Goodfellow90's 531 Log

I’ve never competed in powerlifting, but I want to some day. Right now I just want to get stronger. I’m a big Jim Wendler fan so I am starting his 531 program. so far I love it. Here is my first week’s workouts.

Deadlifts: warmup sets- 135x5, 155x5, 185x3. Working sets-200x5, 230x5, and 260x5.
Boring but big assistance- more deads with Fat Grips- 135x10x5
Situps- 5x10
Bench- warmup sets-95x5, 115x5, 135x3. working sets-150x5, 175x5, and 200x5.
BBB assistance- more bench with fat grips-135x10x5
DB rows- 50x10x5
Squat- warmup sets- 95x5, 115x5, 135x3. working sets- 150x5, 170x5, and 195x5.
BBB assistance- more squats-135x10x5
Stiff legged Deadlifts with Fat Grips- 135x10x5
Mil. Press-warmup sets- 45x5, 65x5, 85x3. working sets- 95x5, 105x5, and 120x10.
BBB assistance- more presses with fat grips- 65x10x5

current training maxes are: deadlift-300, bench- 230, squat 225, and mil press- 140
current training maxes are %90 of what my true 1RM maxes are at the start of this program.
Other miscellaneous information: I have only been working out consistently for a couple of years. I am 21 and I’m a college student. I try to do interval sprints twice a week on days i don’t lift weights.
Main Goals- get bigger, get stronger, and just move north of vag.

Awesome man. Your layout looks pretty good. I think its great for beginners to do additional sets of the 3 lifts so they get stronger at them and they can work on their technique and form. Good luck

Thanks man. I appreciate the good feedback. I will try to post videos of some of the main lifts in the near future.

Looks like a good routine. Nice and simple. Way to go.


thanks Luke.

Maybe this could be moved to the training logs section of the site so the forum doesn’t become swamped with individual training logs?

i put this same post in training logs now, i just dont know how to delete this one, whenever i click on delete for my posts here it says access denied

What is your height and weight?

i’m like 5’7 and 3/4. i weighed 177 this morning.